Steps To Follow When Hiring A Charleston, SC, Divorce Lawyer

Divorces can be nasty, drawn out things that seem to drag on interminably. This is particularly true if you and your ex cannot come to any mutual agreements without arguing. Hiring a Charleston, SC, divorce lawyer can offer some significant benefits (not the least of which is providing the best way to ensure your divorce is approved by the court). However, in order to enjoy those benefits, you must ensure that you hire the right attorney. That will require that you follow some specific steps.

Step 1 Compare Areas of Expertise

There are plenty of attorneys in Charleston and the surrounding area that promise help in the case of a divorce. However, they’re really not all the same. Some have been in business for decades, while others have only recently hung out their shingle. You need to ensure that you choose a Charleston, SC, divorce lawyer with the necessary expertise for your situation. Some attorneys really only have experience with uncontested divorces, while others specialize in complex situations with multiple assets and massive amounts of debt or wealth that must be equitably distributed. Choose the attorney who best fits your specific situation in terms of expertise.

Step 2 Interview the Attorney

Before you hire any Charleston, SC, divorce lawyer, you need to sit down for a face-to-face discussion. You will need to explain your specific situation and find out what the attorney advises. You’ll need to do this for all potential attorneys you’re considering, and then choose the one who offers the best advice. You should also ensure that each attorney you consider offers a free consultation you should not have to pay for an initiation consultation regarding your case, no matter how well respected the attorney might be.

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Step 3 Look into Their History

History is an important factor in determining whether an attorney is right for your needs. Look through the attorney’s track record. You need to find information about cases that were ruled in favor of their clients as well as those in which the divorce might not have been quite so beneficial for the attorney’s client. All attorneys will have cases that didn’t go as favorably as they might have, and you need to pay close attention to those.

Step 4 Consult Past Clients

While it will certainly take time, you need to make the effort to actually speak with some of the attorney’s past clients. You’ll need to ask them several questions. For instance, did they feel that the attorney fought for their best interests? If they were to choose again, would they select the same Charleston, SC, divorce lawyer? Did they think that the attorney’s fees were fair? Did the lawyer do their utmost to help smooth out the process before the divorce went before the judge? Each of these questions will bear on your own experience.

Based on the information you glean from the four steps above, you can begin making your choice for a Charleston, SC, divorce lawyer to represent you during your divorce proceedings. Making the right decision is vital here. Divorce is not an area where you can afford to take chances with an untried or untested attorney. While all lawyers are new to the industry at some point, it’s essential that you work with a legal expert who has been in business long enough to have developed real expertise and knowledge regarding all types of divorces in South Carolina.

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