Sue against a Person If His Misconduct Leads Someone to Death

A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed when a person dies because of negligence or malicious action of other person or due to some kind of liability, such as defective product liability. Dependants of deceased person can file the case.

Floridawrongful death cases are complicated and not easy to continue without lawyer’s assistance.

Filing a wrongful death lawsuit

Your attorney will always try to settle the matter outside court. He will demand for damages from the person who is at fault. If the case is not settled at this point, the next step will be to file wrongful death lawsuit with the court. The person who is filing suit is called plaintiff and the person sued is defendant. Plaintiff has to state the reason behind such complains. The defendant has a specific time limit like 20 to 30 days, to answer complain. It is generally a reply in defense of plaintiff’s claims.


Once the case is filed, both the parties have opportunity to gather information about other. This is known as discovery.

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During trial you have to present witnesses, present evidences and make legal arguments. This is simply not possible without an efficient Florida wrongful death lawyer. It is best to consult a lawyer when ever you face such situation. He will suggest ways to proceed with the case.

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