Summer Fun – Movie Theater Safety

Summer is here, along with its yearly line up of blockbuster movies. Families are looking for ideas for appropriate entertainment and attending an air-conditioned movie during the heat of the day is an attractive option. If you are planning to see some movies this summer with your family you should be prepared for dangers that may exist at your local movie theater.

Outside the Theater

The parking lot of a movie theater is a very active place. Visitors arriving for a movie are anxiously searching for a parking spot close to the entry doors while people leaving are preoccupied with locating their vehicle. These factors increase the likelihood that a pedestrian might be struck by a vehicle.

There are several ways to minimize your risk of pedestrian accident.

  1. Take small children by the hand as you walk through the parking lot.
    2. Pay close attention to the vehicles you are crossing behind.
    3. Drive slowly and cautiously through the parking lot as you come and go.

Movie theater parking lots can also be a hot spot for purse snatchers or carjackers. Here are some additional precautions to observe:

  1. If you are carrying a purse or bag, hold it against your body as you walk.
    2. Be aware of your surroundings.
    3. If you feel uncomfortable, especially at night, return to the movie theater and ask for someone to escort you to your vehicle.
    4. When approaching your vehicle have your keys in your hand and check the back seat before getting into your vehicle.
    5. Parents should advise their teenagers to observe the same precautions.

Inside the Theater

In today’s world, it is best to be prepared for any possibility. With the shootings that occurred at the movie theater in Colorado in 2012, you need to be aware of dangers which may exist inside the theater. Here are some simple ways to increase your safety.

  1. Be alert to those around you. If anyone is acting suspiciously, report them to the theater management.
    2. Place your cell phone on vibrate in order to keep your cell phone on in case of emergency.
    3. Note where the closest emergency exits are located.
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Rules for Teenagers

If your teenager is attending a movie with friends, institute safety rules to be followed.

  1. No one should leave their seat to go to the restroom or concession stand alone: Your teenagers should travel in groups to ensure their safety.
    2. If a stranger sits down immediately next to the teens, among other empty seats, they should advise the person that the seat is taken. If the stranger refuses to move, they should move to another location in the theater and advise management.
    3. If they see anyone shadowing their group, they should report it right away management.

Even though they are generally well lighted, stairs and ramps can be a source of stumbles, and falls. Often, popcorn and drinks are spilled and if attendants haven’t had a chance to clean it up, it will leave a greasy, slippery surface. Dim lighting, great for watching the movie, is not so great when maneuvering the theater. Carefully watch your footing between the isles, and while going up and down stairs. If a slip and fall or other accident occurs, report it immediately, and seek medical assistance in a timely manner. If you have any questions regarding liability, who pays your medical bills, or other restitution, contact a local attorney, such as a personal injury attorney Tampa based if you are located in southwestern Florida.
Observing some simple safety precautions can help keep your family safe while they enjoy the summer’s best new movies. Being prepared for any eventuality can help you feel comfortable while spending an afternoon at the movie theater.

Teresa Stewart is an avid movie goer who experienced a minor slip and fall incident on popcorn grease. She writes the precautions above so other movie goers, by practicing a little extra awareness, can relax and enjoy their movie experience. Williams Law Association, P.A., a personal injury attorney Tampa located, provides consultation and advice if you experience a slip and fall. They will help you through the legal proceedings, and fight for your deserved compensation.

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