Teens And Multi-DUI: A Cocktail For Disaster

Society in this country lauds wealth and celebrates millionaires who live far beyond ordinary people’s means. Having a lot of money at your disposal often means that you can get away with pushing the boundaries when it comes to obeying the law and behaving in a way that is normally expected of other people. Even more, the overlooking of wealthy people’s behavior increasingly is being extended to their children.

The issue of affluenza and its ramifications on society continue to set some people above others in every way, including the legal system where justice is supposed to be blind. If the population in general wants to address this growing peculiarity in the legal system, ordinary citizens may be encouraged to take these following steps.

Drug and Alcohol Use Among Teens

It is pure folly of people to believe that some of today’s teenagers abide by the anti-drug and alcohol resistance training offered in most schools. While many teens make it a point to avoid using these substances, a fair number of teenagers, including those who have the most money at their disposal, imbibe freely of drugs and alcohol every chance they get. Acknowledging this problem rather than glossing over it and dismissing it with the rhetoric offered in anti-drug programs can be the first step in people keeping themselves and others safe. Parents are often urged to gather as much information as possible, online at sites such as www.devorelawoffice.com, to help with the direction of their teens.

Take an Active Interest

The court system is generally open and available to everyone. People can attend hearings and trials freely, often without being asked to leave the courtroom. While many people dismiss teen offender cases as being the problems of these young offenders’ parents, people in the public who want to fight affluenza should make it a point to find out what cases are going to appear on the court docket and then attend those hearings or trials. Knowing the facts of the case and taking up issues with the prosecution’s office can give a voice to people in the public who are tired of this problem.

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Insist On Harsher Penalties

The attorney general in each state is a publicly elected official who has the responsibility to answer to their constituents. If the public wants wealthy teen offenders to be held to the same legal standards as everyone else, it is up to them to contact this elected official and demand justice. The attorney general can only stay in office with the good graces of the voters.

If they have done a poor job prosecuting wealthy teen offenders, the public could easily vote that person out of office during the next election. This same tactic can be used for many judges in the legal system. Many judges hold their positions because they are elected into office. The public has the greater voice when they use their frustration to vote judges and attorneys out of office for failing to uphold their duty to the people.

Now that affluenza can be used as an excuse for rich teenagers to escape justice, it is up to the general public to do something about this problem. Taking these steps can help ordinary citizens fight for justice and prevent special treatment from pervading the legal system.

In light of the developing problem of “affluenza” amongst teens, Nadine Swayne forwards this article to bring this societal problem to the forefront. While doing research, she found the site www.devorelawoffice.com, which contained valuable legal material regarding youths and crime.

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