The Current Top Performing American Stocks

The Current Top Performing American Stocks

There are several high performing S&P 500 stocks now. Some of them, ironically, were the worst stocks of 2011. A list of eight of the best performing stocks is below.

Sears Holdings-

The performance of this stock has been up 117.1% since the spring of 2012. It is the parent company of Sears and the fourth largest retailer in the United States. They have the distinction of being the largest home-services provider in the country. The shares have risen due to 2011 status as the worst performing stock which led them to plan a reboot. One step taken was the sale of 11 stores to raise $750,000. Another proposal is to sell Lands’ End to gain $2 billion.


The performance of this Internet subscription service has been up 71.5% in recent months. They increased their fees last year, however investors regained confidence in the company after subscriber growth rebounded as a result of launches in foreign countries. Additional launches are in the works for Europe.

Bank of America-

BofA’s performance has recently increased by 75.6%. They are one of the largest banking organizations in the world. BofA operates in all 50 states. The company was able to pass the government’s stress test in March of 2012. The current CEO, Brian Moynihan, has begun an effort to slash bank costs by $5 billion a year until 2014. The majority of industry analysts rank BofA as a hold.


Whirlpool stocks rose 60.1% since the autumn of 2012. The trend actually began in February of 2012 and exceeded Wall Street conventional wisdom. Other factors that have strengthened their stock are layoffs and a bottoming housing market.

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Regions Financial-

This regional bank operates in the South and Midwest. The company’s stock was boosted by 7% when it passed the latest round of stress tests in the spring of 2012. They responded by issuing $900 million of stocks to go toward repaying their remaining $3.5 billion TARP funds debt.

The global online travel company Priceline’s performance was up 53.6%. The company has experienced tremendous growth. They plan on expanding internationally over the next five years. The cash per share at the end of the last quarter was $42.

Their performance has been up by 51.8%. They provide business software applications on the Internet. Their shares jumped in the winter of 2012 after the company experienced good fourth-quarter earnings. They were involved in pioneering cloud computing.


Apple shares are up 52.5%. Their stock has actually been strong for the last decade with a market cap of $500 billion. Many analysts believe that the stock will continue to rise. Investors are elated that Apple will begin to pay dividends and buy back $10 billion worth of shares over the next few years.

There is a diverse group of best performing S&P 500 stocks in America right now. Investors can feel confident about the fact that the companies gained between 50% and 117%. Some of them even rose last year and continued to move up in 2012. The benchmark is up 12%.

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