The Haunting of Credit Mistakes Past

Oh the horrors! Credit card balances that make you want to run screaming, debt collectors that call late into the night when you’re home alone, identity thieves that are able to suck the very soul right out of you…It’s Halloween folks, and at SpendOnLife, that means sharing some classic (and financially horrifying) ghost stories.

The Lady of the Lake…who couldn’t stop shopping

It’s true, she exists. You may see her walking that desolate stretch of road along the lake late at night, weighed down with shopping bags so heavy they could sink her to the bottom of the water. She’s on foot because her car was repossessed (she spent all her money on clothes instead of car payments). But did she have a choice? No! Not when Nordstrom was having THE sale of the year, and deals abounded in every corner of the store. She may be walking in a torn chiffon wedding dress now, but just wait until she changes into the Therapy outfits she bought! Of course, she has nowhere to change into them…her house was foreclosed on long ago. And so she walks from the mall to the lake each night, purchases as heavy as iron-forged chains hanging from her ghostly arms.

The Tell-Tale Debt

He thought ignoring the bills would make them go away. The past due notices piled up, and yet he did not pay. No, instead he cleverly peeled back the floorboards and placed the bills inside, where no one could ever find them. The debt collectors came to the door. He thought he could tell a convincing enough tale to make them disappear. But the planks of the floor kept creaking, something tapping at them from below. He could stand it no more! Like a desperate man, he began ripping at the wooden boards, until he revealed the past-due debts that weighed so heavy on his heart and would not simply disappear. They continue to haunt his credit report to this day.

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The Possessed Identity

Something beyond comprehension is happening to Regan. She’s not feeling quite like herself lately. She’s receiving notices of past-due payments on loans and credit cards of which she has no recollection of applying. A Bowflex listed on her credit card statement? She has no need for one of those, especially considering the newfound flexibility in her neck and levitation abilities. It’s as though demons have invaded her identity and are using her good credit for their own devices. How can she exorcise these evil spirits once they’ve gotten a hold of her Social Security number, date of birth, and mother’s maiden name?! If you listen close enough, you can still hear her cries: “Be gone, identity thieves! I command you!”

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