The Price Of Divorce – Don’t Get Caught Out

The price of divorce you are probably thinking that I am going to talk about the effect of divorce on your life, but no, I am talking about the actual cost of divorce.

Going through a divorce is stressful enough without having to think about the high costs that you are going to have to incur. A majority of divorces are rather complicated this is because it is likely there is still a lot of on-going conflict. This conflict only makes matters worse, not just for personal circumstances but also for financial reasons.

If you decide to go through a divorce it is advised that you should put as many of your problems aside as this will make the process much more straight forward making the whole process much easier.

The Price

During 2012, the most complained about area of law was the divorce and family law sector, receiving around 18% of the total complaints. The main reason for this amount of complaints is because of the cost that people face when filing for a divorce or separation.

The Legal Watchdog has reported of an unemployed mother who faced a £4,000 charge off a divorce solicitor for requesting some photocopying. These unaffordable charges are unacceptable for people applying for divorces as people simply just cannot afford to pay the fees.

27% of the complaints regarding divorce and family law were concerning poor information when it comes to pricing and fees, meaning customers of family law were simply not expecting to see such excessive charges. One in five divorcees explains that they were not even given an estimated price of fees when they consulted a lawyer – meaning they were totally unaware of the unreasonable charges they were faced with.

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Average Cost

The average cost of a straightforward divorce should be no more than £1,500, so when bills and charges are sent out in the excess of £4,000 it is clearly unacceptable. Divorce and family lawyers should make their clients more aware of the mounting costs if it begins to rise, however some lawyers state they are not happy to do this because of ‘emotional rawness’ the client experiences when going through a divorce.

The last thing any divorcee wants is to be faced with a bill that they can simply not afford at the end of a long and troubled marriage. It is the job of the divorce lawyer to inform their clients when there bill is rising – regardless of ’emotional rawness’.


If you feel you are not yet ready to sign the divorce papers because of on-going controversies, rather than facing high solicitor costs  instead you may want to consider hiring a mediator.

A mediator is able to sit in on meetings with the divorcing couple to discuss their issues and problems until they come to an agreement. The cost of a mediator is much more affordable in comparison to hiring a solicitor. The mediator will also have more knowledge in this particular sector to help couples to come to a mutual agreement that they are both happy with.

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