The Rise of Self-Employment

Thanks to the recent recession, the way we look at work and employment has gone through a major change. Being in full-time employment is now not always the expected way to go when thinking about your career, mainly thanks to the effect of the economic crisis. With more and more companies – even the big-name organisations – job security has become a thing of the past.

Numbers of Self-Employed Growing

Due to increasing redundancies and lack of jobs, more people are choosing self-employment as a way to make their living. In fact, self-employment has grown rapidly in popularity over the last few years, with recent studies showing that nearly 15% of today’s workforce now work for themselves. From going freelance to starting up a new business, people are definitely making the most of being their own boss and reaping the benefits.

However, the reasons for choosing self-employment aren’t necessarily so inspiring, with a number of entrepreneurs behind new start-ups citing redundancy as the reason for going out on their own. Taking inspiration from their situation, many people who have been made redundant decide to use their talents in a freelance capacity instead. The likelihood is that organisations still need the skills but prefer to pay for them as and when they need them. Whatever the reason for going into business, getting some employment law advice can help if you are thinking of moving from employment to working for yourself.

Finding Balance

Recent research on the rise of self-employment has found that those who became self-employed during the economic crisis have been surprised at just how many benefits there are to being your own boss. For many, it is trying to find the right work/life balance that inspires them to go self-employed. Workers want an alternative to long office hours, highly stressful positions and trying to juggle family commitments. And a large number of the new self-employed are working mums, who find the rising cost of childcare a big reason for not returning to work after having children.

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Being your own boss gives you more freedom to work the hours you want, fitting them around your other commitments rather that the other way around, as well as having control over which projects you want to get involved in and where you prefer to work.

Trying Something New

For many people, the possibility of trying something completely new inspires them to start their own business. Whether that’s seeing a gap in the market for a service or product, making money from a hobby or interest or simply wanting a complete change of pace from a highly stressful job, starting a business gives you a chance to approach your work in a different way and develop other talents.

Doing the Job your Way

For those who came to self-employment because they were unhappy working for an employer, being able to do the job their own way is a big draw. The experience of unresolved conflicts or discrimination during employment is often another reason for choosing self-employment, in which case seeking advice from companies such as can be beneficial. Whether you have found working within large organisations restricting or simply want to provide services in a different way, being your own boss gives you the opportunity to be in control and do things differently.

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