The Spend On Life Identity Theft Kit is Here!

It’s finally here! The ultimate resource for identity theft victims is ready for download at I say it’s the “ultimate” because we at Spend On Life have rounded up in a neat little package all the crucial information an ID theft victim needs to get over the crime…and get on with their life. The kit is completely free and available as a PDF download.

If you’ve been affected by identity fraud, here are a few of the ways the kit can help:

Personalized Identity Theft Recovery Checklist

Identity theft can happen in all kinds of ways, and our kit makes it easy to know which steps you should take in your particular situation. The kit’s personalized recovery checklist covers eight different forms of ID theft, and clearly explains which combination of steps you should take to resolve each one.

Log Sheets and Resource Guide

Handy log sheets are true sanity-savers when you’re stuck in what feels like an ID-theft black hole. Use them to keep track of important names, dates, and activity. Like any bureaucratic hurdle, resolving ID theft is much easier when you can speak to the same person (or at least reference their name) and cite specific dates.

We also rounded up all the critical contact information for the credit bureaus, major financial institutions, and government agencies that you’ll need, so don’t waste your time hunting down all those phone numbers and websites on your own.

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Info for Potential ID Theft Victims

Maybe an identity thief hasn’t attacked you…yet. Maybe you’ve just misplaced your credit card or received a notice that your information was compromised in a corporate data breach. If you’re at an increased risk of becoming a victim for any reason, you’ll want to download the identity theft kit. It tells you how to spot the warning signs of identity theft early on, and what you can do to protect yourself. Remember, better safe than sorry (especially when it comes to your identity).

A Way to Stay Organized

We suggest printing out your copy of the kit and putting it in a binder. Include supporting documentation: credit card statements that contain fraudulent charges, collection letters, police reports, or whatever else may crop up in your situation. Keeping everything together makes the recovery process that much less of a pain.

We created this comprehensive new tool to help victims overcome the crime a little quicker and easier by keeping them informed and organized. If you download and use the kit, let us know how we did!

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