The Top Ten Mobile Apps For The 21st Century Lawyer

As our reliance on mobile technology has markedly increased over the past few years, it should come as no surprise that many industries have now integrated fluid, streamlined mobile applications to aid in what has proven to be an increasingly malleable work environment. As the law profession has readily adopted such technology, let us have a quick look at the top ten apps for the modern lawyer.


As the name denotes, this application helps solve many of the logistical concerns that plague the legal profession. Timewerks provides the ability to track client progress issue invoices, schedule meetings and keep track of all billable hours at one’s fingertips.


This app tracks all daily, weekly and monthly expenses and provides a centralised platform to address any real-time budgetary concerns. Mileage tracking, a real-time currency converter and even the possibility to scan and upload receipts make this system ideal for such individuals as personal injury solicitors whose professions can be defined by hectic work schedules.


This application caters to the legal side of this popular networking site. The user can keep up-to-date with a recent legal posts from a variety of sources. Twitterific is ideal for those who wish to be kept abreast of all recent developments on-the-fly and with the touch of a button.

Dictation Blue

This dictation software is currently available for Android phones. Solicitors can dictate audio notes that can then be imported into playback software and thereafter be transcribed by secretarial staff.

Black’s Law Dictionary, 8th Edition

Having access to the most current legal definitions and terminology is essential in a world dominated by mobility and without physical access to this important resource. While this app may be considered a bit pricey at around £35, the price is well worth the amount of information that is readily available

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Although not a mobile application strictly for lawyers, this mobile form of the famed Wikipedia will provide solicitors with a virtually limited amount of information that can be scrolled through while out and about.

Note2Self Audio Recorder

This is another popular dictation device, however one of the noted advantages with Note2Self is the added convenience of the program starting and stopping recording automatically upon the cue of the user’s voice. Files can then be sent automatically to an intended email for transcription at a later date.


This social networking app is truly revolutionary, as it allows for the exchange of contact information and photos with other iPhone users by simply “bumping” two phones with the device together. Thus, Bump can be viewed as the virtual “business card” for the 21st century.

iTunes U

This offshoot of the normal iTunes provides lawyers with unprecedented access to a library of downloads from some of the most distinguished law universities. What is even more important is the fact the this app is free for current iPhone users.


Scheduling can often be an aggravating aspect for may lawyers, particularly when they may not have access to the resources of secretarial staff. This application allows the user to calculate schecules and appointments for various dates while taking into account holidays, previously booked time slots and predetermined amounts of time.

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