The Water Cooler Is Booking Expert Guests for 2012 Now

Name of Show: At the Water Cooler w/DK

Show Description: At the Water Cooler was created and hosted by DK (Double K). Creator of the highly successful radio show Double Talk Radio. ATW is aired live on Z talk radio (and in syndication) every Wednesday at 9pm est.

Query: At the Water Cooler w/DK is now booking for 2012. Join a long list of successful and interesting guests that have been featured on the show. ATW is looking for authors, experts, entertainers, comedians, film makers, political experts, horror, paranormal, current events, or anyone interesting and original.

Audience Demographics for Show: Audience is mainly in the US and Canada, but also has a huge following via download in Europe, Australia, and North America, for maximum ex poser.

Audience Size for Show and Source for Claim: Live listeners range from 150 to 300 live. Average downloads per show are 1000 plus. Centova, talkshoe, i tunes, bluebrry.

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Show Format: Online radio show, Recorded podcast, Broadcast Schedule + Format + Network(s)

Show is aired live every Wednesday night at 9pm est. Most guests are live on the show, unless there schedule is conflicting. We have live callins to the studio, and an interactive chat room.

Booking Contact for Interviews: Email the ATW Production Staff at

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