Things You Must Do While On Bail In Los Angeles

Bail is generally granted to most people arrested in Los Angeles.  Even for people accused of serious crimes, bail is usually available. There are a few exceptions for very serious offenses like murder, but generally, you can expect to receive a bail hearing. It is imperative that your Defense Counsel be familiar with your case and history to be prepared to present a vigorous presentation to the Court at your bail proceeding.

Bail is a way for the Court to guarantee that you will appear before the Court for future hearings. If you’re granted bail, it is important that you meet all of the conditions of your bail if you want to remain free while awaiting trial. Violating the conditions of bail could send you back to jail and can hamper your ability to prepare for trial. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your freedom while on bail.

Appear in Court!

The Number One rule to follow if you have been released on bail is always appear in Court ON TIME when you are scheduled to. If the Court is considering setting a future date for a hearing during a time when you can’t be present, ask your attorney to see if your matter can be set on a more convenient date. Failure to appear in Court will result in the Judge issuing a warrant for your arrest. It may also result in a higher bond and jeopardize your ability to remain free while awaiting trial.

Maintain Contact With Your Attorney

Your attorney’s job is to represent you in Court, but he or she needs to know how to contact you at all times during the pre-trial period. Issues frequently come up during the defense of your matter that may require communication between you and your Counsel. Let your attorney know how to get in contact with you at all times.

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Avoid Trouble!

Avoid the circumstances that led to your initial arrest.  If you’ve been arrested for DUI, avoiding bars and parties where alcohol is served will help you to remain trouble-free while awaiting your Court appearances.  Stay away from any activities that could lead you to being arrested on other charges.  Obviously, being arrested for another offense while you are already on bond can lead to more charges, higher bond and the possibility that you won’t be released before trial.

An experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney like Robert Helfend can help you from the time you are initially arrested. Even if you have posted bail upon your initial arrest, a prosecutor will often ask for unreasonably high bail at your initial Court appearance to put you back in jail while they prepare their case. Mr. Helfend will ensure that the Court receives the most pertinent information about your particular case and circumstances, so that the Court respects your right to a reasonable bail and maintains that bail at your first Court date. Without bail, you may not have the freedom you need to work and help your attorney prepare your defense.

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