Things You Need to Know about Legal Cases of Actos Related Death Lawsuits

Actos is the infamous drug that hit the market way back in late 1990s and since then many doctors prescribed this drug millions of patients who suffer from Type 2 diabetes. Though in most cases it showed that this drug did help the patients to cope up with the disease, some proven medical reports also suggest that Actos also at times leads to some extremely dangerous side-effects including something as serious as bladder cancer and heart failure.

Slowly but surely, there has been a consistent rise in number of patients reporting complications caused due to this drug and more number of reports have surfaced up proving how dangerous the drug can be. This situation, in turn, has forced thousands of patients to file Actos lawsuit again the drug manufacturer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

What Do the Stats Suggest?

One of the recent reports shows that over 2,000 such lawsuits are still pending with federal court of U.S. Then there are hundreds and thousands of more cases being filed in courts across different states. These numbers are going up with every month passing by the only reason behind this is the widespread accessibility of the infamous drug.

This is making the situation more and more dangerous and some observers have also reported that these cases can potentially pass the 10,000 mark. There are special courts today that are handling Actos litigation cases that are pending across different states. The federal litigation they are handling is called as MDL or multidistrict litigation.

Filing an Actos Lawsuit

If you are one of the patients who were suggested to take Actos and have experienced side effects due to the treatment, it is possible that you are eligible for receiving compensation that covers your medical expenses and cost of the suffering and pain caused by the medicine.

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Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the biggest drug manufacturer of Japan, is the company that manufactured Actos. Eli Lilly & Co., one of the pharmaceutical giants, was the one responsible for marketing the drug across United States for good seven years starting from 1999. This was the reason why the lawsuits were mostly filed against both the companies.

Similar Cases of Negligence and Side Effects with Other Drugs

Most of the lawsuits have a common complaint that these drug companies never warned the consumers about the side-effects through any medium. Some of the serious side-effects the drug is related to are heart failure, blindness, kidney damage, heart attacks, liver damage and bone fractures.

Recently, one of the new side-effects related to Actos that surfaced up is bladder cancer. One of the main motives behind filing such complaints is getting the compensation related to medical expenses or any other loss caused by the drug. Some of the complaints have also been for common public interest and warning them against the now infamous drug manufacturers like Takeda.

One of the recent warnings against the drug surfaced up back in June 2011 and the move was made by FDA. The warning stated that people who are using Actos for more than a year have potential chances of developing bladder cancer. Much earlier than this the regulating body of European countries like France and Germany pulled of this drug from the market due to such reasons.

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