Tips on How to Get Through Disability Claims

Tips on how to get through disability claims

No one wants to become disabled and many people think that becoming mentally or physically disabled is not something that will ever happen to them. But the sad truth is that many people become disabled and it could in fact happen to you. According to, just over 1 in 4 of today’s 20 year-olds will become disabled before they retire. It is also known that the odds of younger children becoming disabled are greater than the odds of young children dying. These are scary things to think about but they are also important. Knowing what you should do in the case of becoming disabled could be beneficial to you to your family and your friends.

Because disabilities happen it is helpful to know what the options are and it is good to know how and where you can get help. There are many companies that deal with disability claims like, Unum and Aetna. As an example of what they cover here is an example of a leading cause for disability claims. For the 10th year, the lead cause of Unum disability claims has been cancer and because of that cancer survivors were more likely to go back to work than in the past.

Here are some tips that will help you start a disability claim and get that claim approved.

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Tip 1: If you are deemed disabled by a physician and are not able to go back to work in 12 months it is a very good idea to start on the paperwork for disability claims through social security right away. The longer you wait the longer you have to wait for the benefits.

Tip 2: Be prepared. This will be a long process so be prepared for long waits. Sometimes it is really hard to tell when a disability claim case will be complete.

Tip 3: Get copies of your medical records and make sure they are included in your disability claim application. Sometimes the long process of getting a claim approved is even more hindered by a lack of or insufficient medical records. It will save you and those reviewing your case time and energy if you will just include your records right off the bat.

Tip 4: Having a disability representative can usually improve your case. The rules and processes that go into these cases are confusing for those who have not studied them. Because it can be so confusing it is a good idea to have someone to help who knows what is going on and can help you understand the process.

Madison Hewerdine is an author who writes about Unum disability claims and has a passion for latin dancing.

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