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Whenever you find pictures of CEOs on the internet they’re always busy doing one of two things, talking or laughing. Personally, if I made my living by talking and it was as impressive as theirs I’d be doing both at the same time in every picture – just to save time really. They’re happy with good reason since they individually earn more per month than the GDP of some countries. If you’re really good at your job you deserve to earn top buck but sometimes the figure just gets a bit ridiculous for some people to appreciate, especially when it’s the CEO of a business seen as another opportunistic greedy corporate machine – which has caused some fuss in America.

A Forbes report has said that CEO’s recently got pay hikes of 16 percent, this compared to the three percent raise for the average American working class. Apparently this gave those CEO’s a collective increase of $5.2 billion which doesn’t make them as cool as Bill Gates, but it does raise a few moral questions. We know this isn’t only happening in America but the stats are easier to find and hopefully more accurate, as we’ll look at some of the biggest of the big wigs.

1: John H. Hammergren

John’s been the big man at McKesson for 13 years and has been with the company for a total of 16 years. This is an impressive run for a CEO since they do take the brunt of the flak whenever something goes bad with sock numbers. This means that he’s either spectacular at his job (a possibility) or he’s too powerful and influential to get rid of anyway. The 53 year old exec ranks number one within the drugs & biotechnology industry.

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He’s currently kicking back with a cool $1.66 mil per month which means he can buy all the candy he wants – what’s not to be happy about?

2: Irene Rosenfeld

Irene’s been the CEO of Kraft Foods (KFT) for six years and walks away with a salary of $1.54 mil per month. She’s not married so if you’re looking this may be the place to lasting happiness, though you can most likely expect a prenup – sorry for you but she’s a cunning one. Kraft has been going through strategic changes of which Irene is probably the mastermind. Although she hasn’t been in the saddle nearly as long as the irreplaceable Hammergren she could still make it yet.

She’s currently 59 years old and ranks two within the food drink & tobacco industry.

The King And Queen of Corporate are making a killing so if you’re 18 and unsure what to do with your life, becoming a CEO of a Fortune 500 company is a good way to go.

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