Use Gamification To Help You Increase Your Credit Score

Many of us have problems paying our bills on time. Or using our money wisely to pay down debts on the schedule that we had planned. No matter what we try, we just can’t seem to make ourselves do these things. And our credit suffers.

If you are one of those people, have you tried the concept of gamification?

Gamification explained

So first off you’re probably wondering what the heck gamification is. Then let me first start by explaining what it is, because it’s not nearly as complicated as it sounds. Gamification is basically the process of taking some of the things that people enjoy so much in video games, and using them in other aspects of life. Look at the word broken down: game…ification. So basically it’s the process of turning something into a game. Many companies use gamification strategies to improve employee performance, etc.

Gamification and credit scores

So how does this “gamification” process apply to increasing your credit score? Well if you need a little boost to help you do the things that will increase your credit score, then turn it into a game! Pinpoint some of the common tricks that make video games so popular… and find ways to use those tricks to help you increase your credit score.

Using gamification to help increase your credit score

Using gamification to help increase your credit scores is actually quite simple. You just think of the things you need to do to increase your credit scores, like pay your bills on time, pay down debts, etc, and then apply gaming components to help entice you to perform those actions.

Here are some common gamification techniques, and how you can use them to help increase your credit score:

Visual cues

Video games are very visually appealing. So create a visually appealing system for your “get out of debt” or “increase my credit score” plan. Find a calendar system that is visually appealing to you, and set reminders in your calendar for your bill due dates. These visual cues AKA payment reminders can help you to get your bills paid on time, which can definitely help to increase your credit scores.

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Goal setting

Another reason why videogames are so popular is because there are levels to beat. You are working towards something, and you get rewarded when you beat a level (more on that below). You can make the same thing apply with increasing your credit scores. Set “levels to beat,” or steps/goals to work towards in your quest. This will make the whole process of paying debts on time, paying down balances, etc more fun, like a game. This can help to make the process more enjoyable.


What good are levels and goals if there aren’t rewards? In videogames, you get points, tokens, dollars, or other rewards when you beat certain levels or are able to perform certain tasks. Obviously for many of us a better credit score isn’t a good enough reward in itself (or else more of us would work harder to reach this goal). So don’t forget this important process of rewarding yourself when you are working to increase your credit scores.

Set small goals of paying your bills on time. Set up a point system for yourself, and give yourself points as you make your payments. When you reach a certain level of points, you receive a reward. Also set goals for paying off debts. Have rewards set for when you are able to reach these goals.

Friendly competition

Lastly, we all love games because of the friendly competition that they introduce into our lives. So, find other friends that are trying to get out of debt and/or increase their credit scores, and create a competition with them. You can have point systems, leaderboards, reward systems (or even penalties when goals aren’t met). Find other friends with similar goals as you and let the games begin!

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