Utilising the Internet to Choose the Best Online Conveyancer

Utilising the Internet to Choose the Best Online Conveyancer

Millions of people around the globe buy and sell homes every month and you are probably (at some point) going to be one of them. At some point in your life you will either sell or buy a home and in some cases you will be doing both at the same time. In recent years a lot of conveyancing firms have taken their services online to make this process simpler and less painful for the general public. As with any service that gains in popularity the sharks are waiting to pounce and offer up rival services at the fraction of the cost. The issue with these kinds of services is that the standard of the work and the support that you receive in often reflected from the price that you pay.

If you are choosing to move your conveyancing online it is usually to reduce stress and make your life a little easier. If the service you buy comes back to bite you later you have won’t have achieved much at all. This quick guide will help you choose your online conveyancer easily and with confidence.

Why Use the Internet?

As more and more conveyancing firms offer this service it becomes easier to find out who can offer you a great service at a great price. The process of referrals has moved on a great deal in the last few years and you can use this to your advantage when researching almost any product or service. In addition to this it is a great time saver and you can do it all with a glass of wine to boot!

What is the process?

This is not meant to be definitive in the methods of producing research for your online conveyancing but is a great way to find out the information that sorts the wheat from the chaff.

  1. Set up a spreadsheet – put down the pen and paper. You need to be able to     gather your data effectively and be able to dissect it at a glance later.
  2. The least scientific part – go to Google or your other search engine of choice and search. Record the site name, URL and your gut reaction as to whether it feels trustworthy.
  3. When you have eliminated some of the sites that feel like they were cobbled together by an amateur it is time to delve deeper. Look at the about page – whilst most companies underestimate the power of this page, you will find that credible companies do spend a little longer on them. Take the time to find out the history of the company. Record the results of those that stand out – remove the rest.
  4. Check the testimonials – if they feel made up they probably are. Remove those that feel ‘a little off’.
  5. Check third party review sites. Don’t remove anyone who has a couple of bad reviews but look to see if the company has responded. Both good reviews and bad reviews tell you something about the attention and customer service that you will receive. Be careful who you take out at this point.
  6. Get to the nitty gritty – what are the prices and the services offer. What is their USP? Remove those that don’t fit you financial criteria.
  7. Look at what is left.
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After point 7 you will find that your final decision will come down to personal preference – you will be in a position to make an informed decision and will only have the facts in form of you.

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