We Buy Any House Regardless of Surroundings

The new high speed train line linking London to the North has been heavily reported in the news. This development will impact on many homes both negatively and positively. We will be watching the areas being developed as we buy any house regardless of building work nearby.

How to sell your house fast?

Many factors affect house prices and whilst having an HS2 station nearby will increase your property’s marketability equally living next to the line especially during construction will be a definite hindrance. At Quickbuyers we have handled many property sales where the property surroundings have been less than ideal due to major roads or further property development nearby. Unlike estate agents we don’t mind as we buy any house and would still make a cash offer for your property.

HS2 has a lot of benefits going for it but the work to construct the new lines is going to affect a number of properties especially more rural ones that are notoriously harder to market.

If you have a house, flat or any other property that you think may be affected in this way then contact us, as we buy any house and would love to be able to help you.

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There are already challenges to the plans being made by landowners affected by the route though after the fanfare that HS2 was unveiled with it would be surprising if the government changed their decision. We buy any house so if you are concerned about your property being affected in the next 15 years then contact us and we will help. We buy any house regardless of it’s surroundings either today or due to proposed plans in the future.

With many years experience of buying houses in any condition we can make you an offer or simply advise on your best course of action. We often help homeowners who have been marketing their property for a lengthy period as unlike estate agents we can guarantee a sale as we buy any house.

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