Weekend Warrior DUI: Does My Employer Have To Know?

After a long week of work, it’s normal to look forward to the weekend and unwind. However, what you choose to do during this time off can harm your career if your employer finds out you were up to devious behavior. A DUI conviction, hit and run injuries and drugs can creep into your job, and your employer could have the right to take critical actions if you’re not careful.

Drinking And Driving Offense

Getting thrown in jail for driving under the influence can be a stupid move on your part. By getting behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated, you’ve placed yourself and others in harm’s way. If convicted, you could also lose your license, face jail time and pay exorbitant fines. This weekend excursion could also hinder your job if your employer finds out. Taking time off for court, finding an alternate way to get to work and jail time could put you and your employer in a difficult situation.

Also, if this is not your first DUI offense, getting another can change your charges from misdemeanor to felony charges. If this is the circumstance, then the consequences for a DUI become more serious. As expressed by an Orlando DUI lawyer firm,”The long-term financial consequences of having a felony on your record can be severe. You do not want to this blemish popping up every time you apply for a new job or try to rent a home.”

Drugs And Alcohol

Drug and alcohol usage over a weekend can spill over come Monday morning. If you’ve gotten into a fight, caused an accident or gotten arrested because of this usage, your employer may find out. Your usage could also lead to an addiction, and you may find yourself unable to function without the use of drugs or alcohol. This could affect your job performance if you begin to miss work or you’re unable to perform at the level that’s expected during the day. If you’re not living up to the standards at which you’ve been hired, an employer could give you an unsatisfactory review, choose to not give you a raise, or terminate your employment.

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Hit And Run Injuries

Causing mayhem and destruction during your time off, whether intentional or not, can bleed into your career. If you were at the helm of a hit and run accident and left the scene of the crime, the incident could be showcased on the news. This means that your friends, family, co-workers and employer will lay witness to your devious behavior over the weekend. This could be especially damaging if you caused a serious injury or death to the innocent victim. Your irresponsible actions could be a blemish on your career, and the company you work for.

Social Media Sites

Social media sites have made it easy for employers to keep tabs on those who work for them and ensure that what they do over the weekend doesn’t harm their reputation. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are popular sites where people come to post their activities, thoughts and pictures. Any wrongdoings could be unacceptable in the eyes of your employer and a firm dismissal could be your punishment.

Weekends are a time for regrouping and spending time with family and friends. There are a number of options today such as social media sites, newspapers, and television for keeping tabs on individuals who misbehave. Getting into trouble by getting convicted of a DUI, doing drugs or finding yourself at the wrong end of a hit and run can be debilitating, and it can affect your job performance and how your employer perceives you.

Nadine Swayne offers this article to all the ‘weekend warriors’ as a spotlight on common sense. Katz & Phillips, P.A., an Orlando DUI lawyer firm, aggressively represents clients’ DUI cases so that they won’t affect the rest of their lives.

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