What Do To After an Accident in the Workplace

Recently I was injured at my job due to an accident in the workplace.  I work full time in the reception of a busy office.  One afternoon I was working away when the overhead light fitting came loose and crashed down on my desk.  This was a heavy glass fitting and it struck my head knocking me unconscious.

I was admitted to hospital straight away and had to stay for observation for a few days.  It was discovered then that I had suffered a linear skull fracture.  Fortunately this was a simple hairline fracture that had not caused any brain damage or serious health problems.  However I did feel very poorly for a while afterwards and took just over a week off work.

Taking Action

My line manager had reported the incident during my sick absence and I was asked to fill in a supplementary report once I got into the office.  I was concerned about the severity of the issue and all too aware that I could have been left with some very serious brain injuries.  I asked the company to look into why the light fitting had fallen down and did my own research about accidents at work to ensure the process was followed correctly.

I was at this time thinking about putting in a claim for compensation.  The accident had caused me a lot of pain and distress and I suffered from headaches and neck pain for months after the incident.  This made it difficult for me to drive and concentrate at work.

What Happened Next

With a little research I found out what steps have to be taken following a serious accident at work where an employee is severely injured (such as broken bones, admitted to hospital etc.) and has to have more than 7 days off work.

  • The employer has to report and keep records of the incident including witness statements in the ‘accident book’.
  • The employer has to carry out a risk assessment and to identify the cause of the accident and do what is required to ensure safety for employees and visitors in the future.

My employers were very good about following the regulations for accidents at work.  The risk assessment discovered that the glass light casing was actually too heavy for the fixings that had been used to install them.  Over time these had pulled away from the ceiling causing the light fitting to drop.  The company replaced all of these light fittings with safer plastic options.

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I did feel that I had good grounds for making a compensation claim against my employers.  A failure to ensure the safety of the working environment had led to my injury and caused me pain and distress.  I asked around and found a reliable ‘No Win No Fee’ personal injury solicitor.    They advised me I had to make the claim within 3 years of the date of the accident and so I started proceedings straight away.

  • One of the main reasons I wanted to make a compensation claim is that I felt that accident had been very traumatic and had also left me financially disadvantaged.
  •  I was unable to drive to work for months following the incident due to neck pain and severe headaches.
  • This meant I had to use expensive public transport which added a significant amount of time to my travel each day.
  •  I was also unable to take on the work I needed to advance my career.  Before the accident I was in line for a promotion and working hard to achieve the skills I needed for this.
  •  After the accident I was not able to carry out the additional work and so I missed out on the promotion I had been close to achieving.
  • I felt that I was entitled to compensation following this workplace accident as it had caused me serious injury, cost me time and money and also impacted on my chances of promotion.
  • I did put in a claim with my No Win No Fee solicitor and I was successful at achieving compensation.

If you have been injured at work then make sure all the procedures are properly followed.  I found that the evidence from my accident (including the clear negligence on the part of the employer regarding the safety of the working environment) helped me to win my case.

For anyone that has been injured at work you should consider contacting injury solicitors Manchesteras soon as possible.  They helped to guide me through my claim and bring it to a successful conclusion.

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