What Every Law Firm’s Facebook Business Page Should Contain

Your law firm has finally decided to have a presence on Facebook- Congratulations! The Firm is definitely moving in the right direction. By now, however, you are probably beginning to feel the stress about actually setting up the profile. Some typical questions you may be asking yourself are: Should I create a Group or Launch a Page? What is the difference? Do I need to add any apps to the page, and if so, which ones? These are all common questions so do not be alarmed. In this blog, I will do my best to help your Firm set up a Facebook presence in no time.

To begin with, it is important that you set up a Facebook Page (and not a Group). Groups are considered personal and an extension of the administer’s self. As an example, if you were to set up a Group for the Firm, then anything posted on the Group’s page would automatically be attached to your personal profile. A Page, on the other hand, is considered its own entity. Content posted on the Page does not have to be linked to your personal profile. Additionally, unlike Groups, Pages are indexed by search engines, allowing your Firm an even greater chance of being found by consumers. In sum, Groups are typically used to promote a cause or for interaction on a personal level. In contrast, Pages are used by businesses wanting to interact with clients on a professional level. Now that you are ready to create the Law Firm Page, go to facebook.com/pages/create.php and begin!

Ok..you created the Page. Now what? On the Page, you should integrate blog posts, videos and photos; create events; and start discussion posts. The more interaction and visitors to the Page, the better. And, you can easily keep track of your success by viewing the page statistics. Like everything else, in order to succeed, you will need to devote some time to maintaining the Page. You should also promote and market your Page as much as possible. You can start by adding the Page address to your profiles on other social networking sites, such as Legal Playground, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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In order to be productive and most efficient, you should integrate your social media sites. As an example, every time you blog on Legal Playground, you should immediately add the blog to the Firm’s Facebook Page. Utilizing the built-in tools on Legal Playground, you can do this with the click of a few buttons. After you publish the blog on Legal Playground, simply click the Share button and select Facebook. Within seconds, your Legal Playground blog post will be on the Facebook Page. The same can be done with any videos, photos, documents, audio, etc. that you post on Legal Playground. It really is that easy.

If you are up for a challenge and want to take the Firm’s Facebook Page to an advanced level, you can create a custom landing page (which requires programming) and install some incredible apps. Installing the Facebook app VenueWidget, for instance, will add the Firm’s foursquare venue information directly onto the Page. A map, along with the Firm’s address, and current information such as the mayor and recent tips will appear.


With the advances in technology, the potential is just about endless. The Facebook Page will enable your Firm to connect with clients and potential clients on a new personal level. But don’t lose site of the importance of quality content. As a provider of professional services, having quality blogs and articles will be paramount. In just a short amount of time, the Firm’s Facebook Page will be filled with quality content and the Firm can develop a strong reputation in the social media space.

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