What To Do When a Collection Company is After You

Are you feeling troubled because you are continually harassed by a debt collection company day after day? If so, there are some things you can do to defend yourself against those irritating collectors.

Write Plenty of Notes

When a collection company has something against you, they are supposed to send you this information in writing. In most cases, it does not happen. They usually try to call you on the telephone first. Either way, you should write down the information they give you such as the creditor’s name, the amount of debt they claim you owe, the interest and/or penalty amount and your rights. The collection agency is supposed to mail you this information within five days of contacting you, but remind them just in case they forget.

What if This is an Error?

Mistakes do happen, and they could happen to you! Oftentimes, there are errors, and a creditor might be hunting you down by mistake. If you receive a collection letter, you can dispute it by writing a letter to the creditor and the collection agency. Include any type of proof you have in your correspondence and keep a copy. Even though it is a pain, send the information via certified mail and request a receipt. The collection agency now has your proof and must respond within a 30 day time limit. If they do not, the debt has to be wiped clean. As a side note, if the collection agency happens to sell the note to someone else, you might have to give it another fight. Keep all your information in case you have to do this again.

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Make a Deal

If the debt is truly your debt, try to work out a realistic deal that you can pay with the creditor. Do not commit to an amount you know you cannot pay. If you mess up the agreement you make, you could end up in trouble, and your case could be escalated. Many times, people end up with a lien on their property or their wages being garnished. If you continue to have debt problems, get in touch with some trusted credit repair services to help you get back on the road to recovery with your debt.

Is the Harassment Too Much?

You should never receive calls from collection agencies after 9:00 pm or before 8:00 am. You should never have to tolerate being threatened or abused by a creditor. If you are, it is wrong. You should immediately send a letter to the collection company telling them to end contact with you. At that moment, they are supposed to stop. If it does not, you can contact the Federal Trade Commission. The complaint can get them in trouble, and action can be taken against the company. Also, contact the attorney general in your state. If the harassing does not end, consider suing them. You can collect damages as well as legal fees.


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