What To Do When Your Involved In A Car Accident

Sometimes even the safest drivers get into a car accident. It can be terrifying during and even after the experience. If the accident was no fault of your own due to a faulty vehicle, unsafe road conditions or another reckless driver, and it’s proved in a courtroom, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Here are some steps you need to take in the event you find yourself in one of those unfortunate circumstances.

 CALL 911

Hopefully the accident was minor and there are no serious injuries. From fender bender to a full-on crash, the first and foremost thing to do is dial 911. Ambulances will quickly be on the scene to make sure there are no serious injuries. In addition, police officers will come to the accident site and inquire about what occurred. Then, the police officer on scene will fill out a report. This is very important because this is what insurance companies will look at when reviewing the claim. Sometimes, if the accident is very minor, it will not be reported to avoid the increase in insurance costs. However, it’s always a good idea to call 911 in case there are any future complications caused by the accident. Also, if the accident occurred between you and another party, make sure you get their contact and insurance information before leaving the scene.

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Once a police officer has filed the accident report, it’s time to contact your lawyer. If the accident caused a lot of damage to your vehicle and it was the fault of another party, you may need to sue them for lost damages. Your lawyer will have your best interests at heart and attempt to get you everything you deserve. In addition, if you win the case and are awarded a settlement, you can choose to take it in increments over a period of time. If you don’t want to wait, you can get a cash for structured settlement payment. It will be a lump sum of money as opposed to receiving your cash in smaller increments. The decision is yours how you wish to receive it.


It is important you contact your primary care physician and let them know you’ve been in an accident as well. Even if you think the accident was minor, it is smart to get a checkup after the accident. There may be internal injuries that you may not be able to detect yourself.

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