What to Expect When Making a Whiplash Claim

If you’ve been in a nasty road accident it can be difficult to know what to do next. This is particularly so if you have suffered an injury and your life has been affected as a result.

One of the most common types of injury following a road accident is whiplash. This is where the neck, shoulders or back are left in pain following a violent, forward-jolting movement. Generally this happens if your vehicle is hit from behind by another car, van or lorry with force.

Fortunately, if the injury has had a debilitating effect on your life, or has caused you financial loss in any way then it is possible to enlist the services of a personal injury solicitor to help you make a claim for compensation.

The initial call

When calling a solicitor you should look for a reputable firm; there are so many ‘claim farm’ style companies who only exist to sell your details to the highest bidder. Going straight to a solicitor ensures that your care is in their best interests, meaning you are likely to end up with a positive result and the maximum amount of compensation possible.

When talking to the solicitor on the phone for the first time it is important to stay calm, be clear and precise with the details you provide. This will allow them to give you an accurate assessment of your chances in making a successful claim.

Make a medical appointment

It’s so important that you do this and any reputable solicitors will get you to go for a medical check up so the extent of your injury can be assessed. A GP will do a number of tests to see where and how much you are in pain to see whether this tallies with the details you have given.

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Only once a medical report has been filed will a solicitor will they be able to get an idea of how much compensation for your whiplash injury you are likely to receive.

Proving any evidence

This can be used in the case against the other party and the more you have the better. It’s likely that you will have swapped insurance details with the other driver involved in your accident, but if you have managed to take pictures or gather statements from any other witnesses then these can be used to bring a case against the accused.

Your claim is likely to move through the system a lot faster if you have evidence to back up your claims, even if it is documentation taken by the police at the time.

Waiting for your compensation

Although it can seem like a long, drawn-out process, it is worth letting your solicitors get on with the job of fighting for your compensation. It’s unlikely in cases of whiplash that you will need to go to court and usually things can be done behind closed doors, unless the impact on your life has been exceptionally serious.

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Dominic Horton is a legal blogger who has a specific interest in personal injury. He has been in contact with many people who have made claims for whiplash injuries and seen numerous successful results to those who fully deserved justice. 

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