What Types Of Insurance Coverage Do I Need For My Home Or Business

The types of insurance coverage that people need for a home or a business are actually very similar because the same types of things that can occur in a home can also happen in a place of business. For example, a home and a business are both susceptible to being destroyed by fire. Also, it’s possible that an accident can occur that will result in injuries to a visitor to the home or the place of business. In both cases, the owners of the home or business establishment would have several large bills to pay if they do not have a policy in place.

Property Loss Due to Natural Disaster

In order to protect themselves against extensive losses due to fire or other covered disaster, people need to purchase property insurance for their homes and places of business. With these types of policies, they will not have to pay for the repairs the building will need on their own. Furthermore, if the house is uninhabitable, the homeowners will have to pay to stay in a hotel and eat their meals at restaurants. The home policy will pay a portion of these expenses as well.


As was mentioned above, guests to a house or a place of business can experience an accident that causes injury. In these cases, the injured parties can sue the owners who may be held liable for their guests’ injuries. If they are unable to pay the entire amount ordered in full, their wages may be garnished for years until it is completely paid. Property insurance for houses and places of business keep people from losing all of their assets by helping them pay the amount of money owed to those who were injured.

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Commercial Coverage for Automobiles

In some cases, a business cannot be run without vehicles. In this instance, the owners will need a commercial auto policy because their personal auto policies will not cover any accidents that occur during the course of operating a business. This will be the case even if they are using their own vehicles. If their employees are driving their own cars, business owners can be held liable for any collisions that occur while the employees are performing their duties.

Types of Coverage for Business Vehicles

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability commercial auto will cover the business if the employees or the owners cause a collision that results in bodily injuries or property damages. Business owners can also cover their employees and any others who are riding in the commercial vehicle for any injuries that they sustain with Medical Payments coverage. So that commercial vehicles can be fixed after being involved in a collision, business owners may also purchase Collision coverage. Vehicles damaged in a way other than collision or that are stolen will be repaired or replaced with Comprehensive coverage.

Finding just the right amount of home or business insurance for the right price only requires that people take advantage of comparison tools. These tools allow them to quickly find the lowest rates over the Internet for the coverage that they need.

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