What You Need to Find On an Accountant

The following are the three most important things you need to look for in your quest for the best financial consultancy/accountancy firm.

1) Versatility

This is considered as the most important among the three. While it is very important for any company like yours to hire the expertise of a good financial consultancy firm, it is also of paramount importance that it has the expertise in business planning and strategies. An excellent financial/accountancy firm should not only be able to give your company more than accurate assessment of tax liability. It should also be able to map out strategies that would help your company charter a new course if necessary.

When you engage with an accounting firm, you aren’t just in it for the help with your tax returns. You should be starting to forge a new partnership for your business and helping your accountant to understand where you are, how you got there and where you want to go next

An accounting or finance firm is necessary for your business because they have the expertise in writing and developing plans for your company. These are the people who can make change happen, and without your company going bust. They will work with you on forming a strong business plan for the future, and shouldn’t be afraid to stick their heads above the parapet in search of what is the best choice for your company. They should already know that for change to take place, it will call for the investors, venture capitalists, employees and banks to come together in one room in order to come up with a solid idea that works on every level.

As well as doing the paperwork and planning for the future, your financial partners should have the foresight and motivation to work with you to make your business more profitable. This may involve increasing efficiencies in your operations, changing suppliers, bulk buying certain products or investing in up skilling your workforce.

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2) Easy Accessibility

In every business partnership, accessibility is often of high importance to both parties. If you trade internationally or even run your own small business from home, you’ll already know that business doesn’t stop just because it’s 5pm. When you’re posed with a major business decision or need to get some advice from your board of directors after hours, you expect somebody to pick up the phone, and your accounting firm shouldn’t be any different.

Your accounting firm should provide you round-the-clock access to the people that matter most to your business. The best financial firms and accountants should provide a toll-free number, a fax number and even an email address for your company to contact them anytime of the day as necessary.

3) Experience

You should see to it that the firm you choose has plenty of experience under their belt. Experience offers assurance, so it follows that the more experience the firm has, the more likely it will be to offer a better and reliable service.

In every business, big or small, the areas of business strategy and financial planning always pose a challenge. By taking the time to hire a firm with the experience, expertise and knowledge to really take care of your accounting requirements, you will reap the benefits for years to come.

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