When Do You Need the Assistance of a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Various situations in our lives call for expert assistance. When you’re having your very first home built, for instance, or when your wife is giving birth to your child, you want to make sure you have the most qualified professionals at your side. During these times you would need a professional home builder or contractor and an efficient medical doctor, respectively.

If you have also been involved in an accident that has caused a personal injury and would like to file a claim with an insurance company, it would be better if you hire the services of an experienced and trial-tested personal injury lawyer if you are experiencing any of the following:

Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers are on hand to assist you in vehicular accident claims

  • 1.     If you have been involved in an automobile or vehicular accident and the other driver is not insured or under-insured
  • 2.       If your injuries can be classified as serious and they require comprehensive, long-term treatment or therapy
  • 3.   If your injuries can be classified as permanent, directly affecting your future employment, your relationship with your loved ones, and your overall standard of living
  • 4.    If you are in dispute with the person responsible for the accident, which means that the other person (defendant, in this case) is unwilling to compensate you, does not want to admit that they are at fault, or is threatening to bring the case to court
  • 5.    If you have the distinct feeling that the insurance claims adjuster is giving you pressure to settle for a lesser amount of compensation than you deserve, or if the claims adjuster is pressuring you to go for a quick and easy settlement
  • 6.     If you have not been able to file a claim before the state’s statutes of limitation laws came into effect
  • 7.       If you think that the settlement you are being offered by the insurance company is not enough to compensate you for past, present, and future medical expenses as well as property damage, emotional damages, and others
  • 8.       If you don’t have a thorough knowledge of the laws and legal system in your state when it comes to personal injury and are becoming confused by legal settlement terms and statutes
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With the help of a competent and professional personal injury lawyer, you can address all the issues related to the filing of your claim. If you reside in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, there are various Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers who can help you with expert advice and recommendations. If all else fails (in other words, if you don’t receive compensation or the compensation is not enough), a lawyer will be able to assist you with filing a lawsuit. Most lawyers are content to work on a contingency basis, meaning that they will only get paid when your claim is successful. It is important to note, however, that you have to pay for filing costs and copying expenses, as well as other paperwork, yourself.

Keep in mind, though, that the legal process can take a long time. But if you still feel that you have just cause for compensation and are more than willing to stake your claim, then, by all means, go ahead. You have nothing to lose – and at the end of the day, you did what you felt was right.

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