When It Rains, It Pours

I’ll go long periods of time where everything in my life will be perfect.  Everything works as it should and life couldn’t be easier.  Then, a month or two will go by where nothing can go right.  It’s times like these when I truly understand the saying “when it rains, it pours.”  Unfortunately I’ve recently experienced one of those out of control times.  One thing after another was falling apart before me and I needed cashnow in order to get back on my feet.

No Monday Funday Here

In typical Monday fashion, I was running late for work and my car wouldn’t start.  After multiple phone calls to family and friends I was able to get to work, but was over 3 hours late.  What a way to start a Monday.  I made arrangements to have my car towed to my mechanic and got a call that it was going to cost $1200 to repair my car.  Luckily it wasn’t a penny more because that’s all that was in my bank account at the time. I wish my story ended here, but of course I must continue.

Worried Wednesday?

After reluctantly picking up my car from the mechanic and paying the jaw dropping bill, I thought things would go right back on track.  Less than 24 hours after picking my car up from being repaired I got into an accident because I wasn’t paying attention and ran a stop sign.  I caused tremendous damage to another car and practically totaled mine in the accident.  Luckily, my insurance covered the damages done to the other driver’s car, but I had to pay a $1,000 deductible.  Unfortunately my insurance did not cover any damage to my car, so now I was in real trouble.

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I needed cash now to be able to take care of the $1,000 deductible and money to figure out what to do about my car situation.  My paycheck wasn’t coming for another week and I could not wait that long to take care of these matters.  I needed the money immediately and had nowhere to turn.  Fortunately I got in touch with a great company that lent me the money and I was able to pay it all back when I got my paycheck the following week.  I really don’t even want to think about how much worse my situation could have gotten if it wasn’t for that cash advance.  I’m happy to report that things are back on track and running smoothly.  I feel comfort in knowing that if I get in a jam again, I can get temporary relief.

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