Where Should You Look if You Are in Need of Car Finance

It’s interesting to think that for all of the Government policies down the years that have attempted to persuade us out of our cars and make more use of public transport, they have – if anything – spectacularly failed. The truth is that, here in Britain at least, you really couldn’t persuade us out of our cars that easily – as is partly shown by the popularity of car loan companies.

Of course, you don’t have to buy a car new – or at all. You could lease your next vehicle, for example, but somehow, we don’t suspect that Britons have completely bought into car leasing. In much the same way as the renting of accommodation is widely seen as a poor second best to home ownership, despite the prevalence of the former on the continent, so here in the UK, we tend to take real pride in the actual ownership of our cars.

Other disadvantages of leasing include the need to agree to a certain contract length, with charges likely for anyone who comes out of a lease early. That could be quite costly, given that a lease can last for as long as 48 months. You may also incur excess mileage costs if you use your car a lot, and nor are you normally permitted to modify a leased vehicle.

So… why not look for guaranteed car finance instead?

 These are all disadvantages that move even long-term car leasers to instead consider the many car finance specialists out there that can give them invaluable assistance in affording the actual purchase of a car. A car loan, after all, gives you a free choice of cars, meaning that you can finally make an offer for that particular model that you’ve always had your eye on.

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The good news is that there are many great firms out there that can give you guaranteed car finance. These are companies that tend to have an extensive panel of lenders to compare so that you can get the most competitive APR. They should be able to give you an instant decision, and they don’t tend to be deterred by a poor credit history. All that you need to do to get started is search online for ‘car finance‘ or a similar keyword, to browse the wide range of websites out there.

There are many characteristics that you should look out for in a provider of guaranteed car finance. How high is its acceptance rate, for example? Is a deposit required to get car finance? Do you have a free choice of cars and dealerships? What are the age restrictions on making an application? Are there at least 20 car finance lenders involved, to give you the best chance of a competitive APR? Does the service itself come free of charge? Does the company on which you have your eye also possess a consumer credit licence?

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