Which Metal Will Add The Most Value To Your Jewellery Box?

If you’re looking for a stunning piece of jewellery to add serious value to your collection, you’ve got to know your carats from your carrots. Every precious metal has its own unique qualities and depending on your taste, you should make an informed decision  this will be a big investment, after all.


Probably the most coveted metal for time immemorial, gold comes in a variety of carats (this measurement indicates how much true gold is in your jewellery); anything up to 24.

If you’re not fond of bright, blinging gold, there are other colours that may complement your skin tone better: white, rose, and yellow. The different shades are affected by which other metals are combined with the gold as an alloy.

Gold, in its purest form, is used as currency between countries. Although it’s been so important historically as a commodity, 75% of all existing gold was mined after 1910! On a pretty cute note, the ancient Greeks thought that gold was made with water and sunshine. One of the most famous artefacts from the ancient world is actually Agamemnon’s golden death mask.


Titanium has the accolade of being the strongest metal in the world. If you’re wondering just how robust this silver-grey element is, it’s at least three times stronger than steel. Yet, it’s very light and hypo-allergenic, so anyone can wear it. A downside of this hardiness is that titanium rings cannot be resized.


First mentioned in 1557, Platinum got its name from the Spanish: ‘platina del pinto’, which means ‘little silver of the pinto river.’ Platinum is a gorgeously white-silver metal that’s used in almost its pure form. Therefore, this element is on the hefty, heavy side.

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This element is so rare that King Louis of France called it ‘a metal fit only for kings’. Platinum is even more expensive than gold, sometimes even twice as much! This metal usually is the choice of the rich and famous.


Silver is the people’s metal and has been used since ancient times. Affordable for almost everyone, it’s very soft and pliable. Due to its low price tag, silver is one of the most popular elements for jewellery. Unfortunately, silver is prone to oxidisation (blackening), but this is easily remedied with silver jewellery online cleaner.

Throughout history, silver has been used to carry wine and milk to help with preservation. Silver was first mined for use in the Bronze Age. Now, most women have at least one silver item of jewellery in their drawers.


Precious gemstones instantly add value to any of your accessories. Although it’s no secret that diamonds are highly admired (diamonds are a girl’s best friend, after all), even less expensive stones, such as amethyst and emerald are both beautiful and treasured. A gemstone’s quality can be largely assessed by the naked eye. Qualities that jewellers look out for are colour, cut, and clarity.


As a natural find in the wild, pearls are exceptionally rare and valuable. Generally, pearls are farmed for the gorgeous, white adornments that we buy in the store today.

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