Who Says Lawyers Aren’t Hip

Who says lawyers aren’t hip? Attorneys have historically been known as stiff and old-fashioned, but today’s generation is an entirely new breed. They are innovative, open-minded and in sync with the latest technology. Instead of running to a law library to search for a court case decision, today’s lawyer just picks up their iPad or iPhone and has an array of case law at the touch of their fingertips…literally. Although some may try to resist change, the truth is that textbooks and journals are soon going to be obsolete. Nobody is going to thumb through a book to find a lawyer. Instead they will utilize a browser on their phone. LegalPlayground.com is the next wave of technology for lawyers. I may be biased but the facts are the facts. Members can create a personal profile that displays their professional information for clients and the public. Similarly, anyone can simply search the website to locate a lawyer by state or practice area. Whereas a Bar Journal prints a lawyer’s name, address and contact information, LegalPlayground.com provides lawyer with the opportunity to post photos, publications, videos, webouts and blog. The site also gives each member their own USL that can be included on business cards and websites. For many solo practictioners or young lawyers working for outdated firms, this is a sigh of relief. And what’s more…you can download the app on your iPhone to follow your favorite (or most dreaded) lawyer by setting your app to follow that attorney’s blogs. The stereotype of lawyers as old, stuffy men is about to change. Meet the lawyers of the 21st Century. See the lawyers of the next generation. Catch them all…in the Playground.

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