Why Every Law Firm Should Have a Facebook Page

Having close to 600 million users and an estimated worth of 65 billion dollars, there is no denying that Facebook has dominated the world. It is one of the most responsive networking tools on the Internet, and nearly every large brand has a presence on it. The legal profession should be no exception. Simply stated, every law firm should have a Facebook page and presence.

So why then, are so many law firms still without a Facebook page? After talking with some colleagues I learned some of the main reasons. First, I discovered that many law firms are under the mistaken belief that Facebook will not help them reach clients and potential clients. They view Facebook as more of a personal social networking site than a business site. Second, I learned that many law firms and lawyers want a business page, but just don’t know how to create one. They assume it will be complicated to set up and difficult to maintain. The reality, however, could not be farther from the truth.

For starters, every day Facebook is connecting consumers to businesses. Although originally designed as a personal social networking site, with the launch of Facebook pages, a powerful new tool expanded to the corporate world. Now, nearly every large brand has a presence on Facebook. And, users are using Facebook for everything from online shopping to finding professional service providers. As demonstrated by the proven success of other businesses, a law firm Facebook page will help connect the firm with clients and prospective clients. For those skeptics who want to see facts and figures to be convinced, take a look at these recent findings:

Facebook Facts & Figures

Almost 72% of all U.S. internet users are on Facebook and it is getting accessed by 1 in every 13 people on the planet. 50% of its users are active users, meaning that approximately 300 million members log-in every single day.

As to member demographics, 48% of the users are between the ages of 18-34, and over 30% are 35 years and older. Over 700 billion minutes a month are spent on Facebook, 20 million applications are installed per day and over 250 million people interact with Facebook from outside the official website on a monthly basis, across 2 million websites. Over 200 million people access Facebook via their mobile phone. 48% of young people said they now get their news through Facebook. And, in just 20 minutes on Facebook over 1 million links are shared, 2 million friend requests are accepted and almost 3 million messages are sent.

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Those figures are outstanding and proof as to the profound effect Facebook has on our community- both personal and professional. By now, I hope you are convinced that your clients are on Facebook and your law firm needs a presence on there as well. The next concern I assume you all have, is what to do now. You are probably asking the questions: How can our Firm create a Facebook business page? Can the Firm do it on its own or do we need to hire a professional company? Once the page is up, what exactly should the Firm be doing on it?

In sum, creating a Facebook business page is easy and you should not be scared or overwhelmed. If your Firm prefers to outsource the creation, Legal Playground’s qualified professional staff can help set you up in no time. And, once your page is up and running, you just need to maintain it with creative content, images and videos. In the touch of a few buttons, you can transfer all your Legal Playground blogs, videos, and images to your Facebook business profile. The synergy and ease will help you reach consumers in the most efficient and professional manner. For the sake of keeping this blog brief, I will focus on how to create a Facebook business page and what it should contain in my next blog. So, stay tuned and check it out!

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