Why More Professionals May Turn To Finance

While many of the industries and sectors in the UK are currently suffering severe cutbacks, the finance industry has been earmarked for growth. This is largely because the government sees the finance sector as the best bet when it comes to helping the UK to fight its way out of recession.

Whether this is the right move or not is completely open to debate and champions of sectors suffering the worst of the cutbacks are likely to debate it very strongly. However, one thing remains fairly certain. Those with finance qualifications stand a better chance of finding gainful employment at the present time than those qualified in other areas.

This is evident in the struggle that many young professionals are experiencing in spite of good degrees and other qualifications. Often it is their area of expertise that prevents them from getting the sort of jobs they want and need because those jobs are in short supply and the competition for them is very fierce.

It’s not a good situation for the country to be in when so many skilled and talented people are left without appropriate jobs (many do find work but in sectors that are of little interest to them and so their morale suffers greatly). However, desperate times call for desperate measures and at the moment professional people are simply making do with whatever they can find.

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Those with finance qualifications are by no means to blame for the conditions faced by others even if it seems as though they are somewhat fortunate. However, they have chosen a particular path, stuck at it, worked hard and put themselves in with a chance of landing jobs in their area of expertise. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The political debate is sure to rumble on for some time. Sectors like the arts seem to be shockingly undervalued by those in power, not just for their impact on society but also for their potential when it comes to revenue. Art and design opportunities are diminishing but there’s nothing to suggest the sector cannot contribute from a financial perspective.

What is comes down to is how individuals respond to the challenging economic conditions out there. If financial organisations are able to grow then they are able to recruit and many will see this as incentive to qualify in accountancy and other financial areas instead of going down less certain routes.

Is this a shame for the nation? It probably is. However, people must do whatever they can to get by while times are hard.

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