Winning Slip And Fall Cases And The Personal Injury Lawyer In Homewood

Slips and falls occur every single day. If the accident happens inside of the victim’s home, it is unlikely that there is any other party liable for the accident. In many instances, a slip and fall accident that happens in a store does not result in compensation as well. Unforeseen accidents do happen from time to time. If there is no way for the store owner to foresee the accident, then there is no compensation possible. That is why injury victims should not assume that they will get compensation if they get hurt at a business. Nevertheless, negligence on the part of many store owners does result in some victims getting compensation for their slip and fall. In those circumstances, a personal injury lawyer in Homewood can help victims get compensation for their injuries.

First of all, it is important for victims to hire a personal injury lawyer in Homewood as soon as possible after the accident. There are a couple of reasons for this. Evidence often disappears quickly after an accident has occurred. For example, the store may try to claim that store surveillance video footage has been overwritten. This could be a plausible explanation if weeks or months passed since the incident. This is not a plausible explanation when it is only a week since the accident. Secondly, the attorney will need to interview any eyewitnesses unrelated to the victim that saw the accident. Memories can fade significantly with time. Once eyewitnesses stop remembering the exact details, the eyewitness testimony becomes a lot less useful.

Many stores will have safety logs with regards to how often aisles and restrooms are inspected. Those logs need to be collected so that it is possible to see if the accident could have been prevented. For example, a store will not have liability if the spill on the floor occurred 45 seconds before the victim was injured. The owner of the property needs to have a reasonable amount of time to discover and fix the problem. On the other hand, logs and video surveillance footage showing lack of maintenance after long periods of time often leads the store owner to be found negligent for the accident. That is why it is important for the personal injury lawyer in Homewood to get logs and video footage.

In order to win a fair settlement for the slip and fall case, the victim needs to seek medical treatment for the injuries sustained in the accident. The medical treatment could last years. Victims need to keep up with the treatment in order to maximize the eventual settlement. A victim who is unable to get medical treatment needs to contact the personal injury lawyer in Homewood. The attorney may be able to find a physician who is willing to accept payment via a lien on a future settlement. A lot of doctors do not like this type of payment arrangement, but there are some that are willing to perform services with this payment arrangement.

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The key for the personal injury lawyer in Homewood to maximize the most amount of compensation possible for victims is to prepare every case as if it is going to a jury trial. The threat of a jury trial is the reason why insurance companies will settle for a fair amount of money. If the lawyer does not do a good job in preparing for the case, then the settlement offer will be low. Victims who are not represented by an attorney will have a ridiculously low offer.

In the long run, those who choose a good personal injury lawyer promptly after a slip and fall accident will be able to get the most money possible. Those who don’t get a good lawyer to help with the slip and fall case may end up with a disappointing result.

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