Amazing Facts About The Cobra

Amazing Facts About the Cobra

Is there a scarier noise in the world than a cobra hissing?! While Captain Beaky and his band went out looking for Hissing Sid, it’s unlikely that you would pursue one with the same vigour yourselves, particularly when you read what they are capable of. Luckily I don’t have the problem of being struck down by a Cobra because I live in England. Still, the way they rise up and open out when under threat is enough to scare the wits out of anyone, it does me, as it does the other predators.

This must be the most famous method of defence in the whole animal kingdom, and not one you’d ever want to find yourself against! Thankfully, the chances of ever stumbling across one are pretty slim, but here’s a few amazing facts about the cobra that might surprise you.

Fangs a Lot!

The cobra’s venomous fangs can grow up to half an inch long, and one bite can go straight into the bloodstream within seconds. Their venom is strong enough to cause an elephant some serious problems, so a human is chicken feed to these deadly predators.

Night Crawler

The cobra loves to hunt in the dead of night due to their excellent night vision and amazing sense of smell. They can also detect a change in temperature at close range, meaning there home-in on any anything alive nearby.

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Don’t Hug a Hoodie

When a cobra rises up in anger or defence, the hood is actually made up of flaps of skin that are attached to ribs behind the back of the head. You also see this happen when a snake is being charmed by music.

Down The Hatch

When it comes to eating, snakes don’t mess about! Due to a lack of teeth, they don’t really have the choice to chew on their food, so instead swallow it whole. Their jaws are really flexible, allowing them to open their mouth far wider to get the food in. The snake then digests it slowly, over a matter of weeks, and doesn’t have to eat again for up to a coupe of months!

The cobra. Not a reptile to be trifled with. Unless of course you have a basket and a flute, then you can try the ancient art of charming them into a hypnotic dance! I wonder who saw the cobra, then looked at their flute, and thought ‘Eureka’! Certainly not the first thing you’d think. My first thoughts would be, errrrr, run!!

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