Bug Proofing Your Home

It’s impossible to prevent all bugs and pests from entering your home; some are so small you just can’t see them and others – like spiders – are already in there, although a lot of the time you can’t see them. However, you don’t have to leave your home open to all pests as there are a lot of prevention techniques that you can use to protect you and your home.

Bug Proofing Your Home

When you’re bug proofing your home, as well as preventing bugs and pests from getting inside you also need to get rid of any pest hideouts within your home; this means looking around your home for evidence of pests and then eliminating any habitat that you find.

One of the easiest and most common ways that people try to eliminate pests in their home is to put screens across all windows and doors. These screens are pieces of mesh that fit across windows and prevent pests from entering your home when the window is open. Door screens act as an additional door for you to go through before your main front door and do exactly the same as window screens.

It’s all very well preventing bugs from entering your home through large openings but you also need to seal up the small openings that bugs can squeeze through. Some pests are small enough to fit through gaps that are barely visible so it’s really important that you seal up any visible gaps and holes in your home – especially if you can see light through them.

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Not only should you seal up gaps in walls etc. but you also need to make sure there are no gaps above, below or down the sides of the main doors of your house. You can buy seals and door sweeps pretty cheaply at most hardware stores.

It’s surprising how easily pests do enter your home and the ease at which they seem to get in; things that you’d probably never even consider to be an entrance to pests probably are so it’s important you seal them too. Gaps around the vents to home appliances, like a tumble dryer, are one of the places that many people forget about and quite often find that even when they’ve taken every other precaution they are still finding pests around their homes. It’s really easy to spray the gaps around gas lines and appliance vents with foam in order to ensure that pests can’t get in.

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