Creating A Backyard Adventure For A Lifetime Of Memories

In a summer it’s very easy for life to get taken over with activities, television, computers, video games, work, and everything else that fills up our schedules.  Most of the time family time and summer memories can get lost in the shuffle or pushed to our back burners. While we all like to take weekend camping trips some times some responsibilities keep us in town.

Although just because we have to stay in town doesn’t mean we have to forgo the family memories. One easy way to guarantee great family memories is to have your very own backyard adventure. It’s easy and affordable. Simply pitch a tent on the lawn, grab a flashlight and turn your backyard into a forest full of adventure. Here are some tips for the perfect backyard campout.

Be Prepared Creating A Backyard

Just like a real camping trip in the middle of nowhere, you’ll want to be prepared for everything. Back yard camping trips can be great preparation for the weekend camping/backpacking get away. Even though you’re just a few steps from your back door you’ll want to make sure that you have everything you need for the night without packing unneeded gear. While packing too much for your backyard isn’t that big of a deal. Packing unneeded gear for a camping trip and even more so for a backpacking trip becomes highly relevant.

Aside from a tent you’ll want to pack flashlights and or head lamps, knife, blankets, sleeping pads, and the appropriate sleeping bags given the weather. Be sure to throw any essential toys or stuffed animals in a bag to comfort your kids in case of any unknown nighttime noises. Unless it’s an emergency the goal is to stay in the wilderness of your backyard not retreat to the house. If you do need to retreat to the house hopefully its to grab the one item that you forgot to take on your backyard adventure.

The Smell of Camping

To get the real essence of camping adventure, make sure that you fire up the grill or get a small portable camping grill to cook dinner. Nothing captures the feel of camping like the smell and sizzle of hot dogs, brats and or burgers on the grill. The hope is that you have just enough food to fill you and your family up without having leftovers.

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Spend Time Around the Campfire

Any good camping trip requires time around a campfire. There’s nothing more exciting and calming than sitting around a campfire sharing stories and gazing at the stars trying to capture the elusive shooting star. Add marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate for S’mores – which is always a great surprise for the kids.

Sleep is overrated

Half of the fun of sleeping in a tent for kids is not sleeping at all. Don’t get frustrated when you hear constant giggling or stories being told underneath the sleeping bags, it’s all part of the adventure.  Plus we all know that some of our favorite memories as kids was giggling in our sleeping bags. The kids are excited and they will wear out sooner or later. The goal is to make sure they spend the whole night in the tent, and have a fun time.

Whether it’s your first camping experience or a common weekend tradition. A backyard camping adventure is an easy, affordable way to get the family time you need. No computers, cell phones, or video games just you and your family. This simple adventure will last a lot longer than a night; it will create incredible summer memories that will last a lifetime. In addition it will get you prepared for the real thing. You will see what is essential camping gear and what you can leave at home.

This isn’t such a big deal if you are primarily car camping although if you are backpacking you only want to bring the essentials. Back yard camping can get you ready and set your camping trips up for success.  In addition to creating the great family memories and connections that we are all after.

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