Here Are 7 Things That You Can Do To Save Water

Whether you realize it or not, you have the power and resources as a human being to brighten and care for the place where you live: Earth. In looking at a photograph taken from a distance, our beautiful home shines bright blue with colorful currents and splashes of glittering green. But as abundant as it may seem, water is in no way in endless supply on our blue planet. As people, we are as destructive as we are productive, which means that it is crucial to conserve and be conscious of our footprint upon our shared space. After all, it is only considerate to value our natural resources so that other animals can survive here, too. How can we change our lives in small ways to contribute to a more livable world? Here are seven things that you as an individual can do to save water our fleeting liquid lifeline.

7 Things That You Can Do To Save Water

  1. Get a new Toilet Currently, ultra-high efficiency toilets are about the same price as any other high-quality toilet. Plus, you are saving money each month on your water bill. Modern 0.8 gpf toilets (gpf stands for gallons per flush) can revolutionize our solutions about how to save water.
  2. Turn off the Sink– When you brush your teeth and wash your face before bed, use the water initially, turn it off and then turn it back on to rinse. You may have learned this in elementary school, but there is no harm in a little review.
  3. Clean Efficiently– Use water where and when necessary. Superfluous water usage does not necessarily mean a cleaner environment. Be conscious every time you use water and treat it as if it were liquid gold flowing from the faucet.
  4. Quality over Quantity– Value and appreciate the water that you use. Remember that many people across the world do not have ready access to clean drinking water, so if you do, do not take it for granted.
  5. Drink Real Water– Much of the world’s water waste exists because factories contaminate water in the production of soda and other chemical-filled beverages. In order to hydrate, filter your tap water. This way, your drinking water will be clean and drinkable without the carbon footprint that goes along with production and transportation.
  6. Visualize– Think of filling a giant basin with all of that water that you use in a day. This includes the water that you use to flush the toilet, clean your car, etc. When you add it all up, it can be astonishing. Thinking in these terms often puts things into perspective.
  7. Appreciate Cacti– Keep plants like succulents and cacti, which naturally conserve water. While it is nice to have plant life around, some plants can stay alive without too much watering.
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