How Does Quitting Smoking Tie Into Green Living?

Green living is one of the most popular trends in modern society. The term œgreen living, of course, means different things to different people. Most of the time, however, the difference is quantitative rather than qualitative. Some people take green living to mean never using a harmful chemical in their household or eating anything that isn’t from an organic farm and other people take green living to mean just having a little more conscientiousness about how you treat the earth. Not smoking actually ties into this in some very profound ways.


Nicotine, of course, is generally obtained from tobacco plants and those plants are an incredibly valuable cash crop. As such, a lot of pesticides and other chemicals are used in the production of nicotine. For many people who are interested in green living, finding better ways to farm is part and parcel of living in a way that is better for the earth. If you’re not smoking, you’re not consuming tobacco and you are, therefore, not contributing to any of the negative consequences to the planet that using the pesticides that would’ve been expended on the tobacco you consumed what entail.


There’s a certain habit associated with courteous smokers beyond smoking cigarettes. The habit involves, at the end of a cigarette, twisting out the cherry, crumpling up the butt and throwing it into a trash receptacle. Look around any city street and you’ll see that a good number of smokers don’t abide by this rule of courteous smoking.

Cigarette filters are a particularly noxious form of litter. Their poisonous, for one, and the materials in them take a long time to degrade. They also have a tendency to get all over the place. While most people are conscious enough of the earth that they wouldn’t think of tossing an aluminum can in the woods, a lot of smokers will go ahead and stomp out a cigarette butt right in the middle of a nature trail without thinking twice about it. When you’re not smoking, you’re not contributing to this.

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Other People’s Health

Many people have problems with their cardiovascular systems that have nothing to do with the lifestyle choices they made. For example, many children have asthma. Walking through a cloud of cigarette smoke when you have asthma is absolutely miserable and, in some cases, can trigger an attack. When you’re not smoking, one of the best things you’re doing for the environment is not fouling it for other people. Nobody’s going to have to walk through your nasty cloud of smoke to get into a building or to do anything else and that makes a real difference.


Wildfires are serious threats to people’s lives, their property and to the earth itself. Particularly in the West, the Southwest and in the Plains states, these fires can burn out of control and end up destroying a lot of wildlife, a lot of wild land and other resources. One of the most common ways these fires start is by somebody tossing a cigarette butt out of their car or onto the ground without thinking about what they’re doing. Even a cigarette butt that appears to be out can actually reignite, partially due to the fact that the paper is designed to keep burning. When you’re not a smoker, it’s simply a lot safer for you to be out and about and enjoying the environment. You’ll never have to worry about any of your cigarette butts being the cause of somebody losing their house, their life or the destruction of a great deal of public land. In that regard, quitting smoking is about more than protecting your own health; it protects other people’s

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