How To Green Clean Your Home

A good majority of us take pride in our homes, and consider their cleanliness to be a reflection upon us as homeowners. However, for many, achieving and spic and span household may come at the price of negatively impacting the environment, given that it so often involves harsh cleaners and non-biodegradable cleaning solutions. What if there was a way to clean your home without harming the planet? Let’s go over some key tips for cleaning your home the Eco-friendly way.

Hire professionals who understand the importance of green cleaning

There are a number of industrial floor cleaning and home cleaning companies that offer green services. You can also find businesses that provide Eco-conscious wood floor restoration services as well. This gives you the opportunity to get all of the benefits that are commonly associated with a professional cleaning service without having to worry about harming the planet. It’s a win-win situation. If you aren’t sure which professional cleaning or restoration services are “greenâ€?, then don’t be afraid to ask. Also, make sure that they utilize cleaning agents that are conducive to your Eco-friendly philosophy and that they understand what being eco-conscious truly means in terms of cleaning your home.

Use common household items that double as powerful cleaning agents

There are a number of things that you may already have in your kitchen cabinet that have the power to clean your home (sometimes even better than harmful chemicals can, in fact). For instance, baking soda, vinegar and lemon are three perfect examples of common household items that can unclog drains, polish your silver fixtures, and even get grime off of stoves and counters. The next time you are at the store take a look down the cleaning aisle and pay careful attention to the ingredients on some of the most popular cleaners. It just may surprise you how harmful they can potentially be, and how environmentally friendly they aren’t. Instead, why not rely on everyday items around the house to keep your living space sparkly clean.

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Never underestimate the power of simple soap and water

While some might not believe that a simple solution of soap and water will do the trick when it comes to various household cleaning chores, this assertion couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, sometimes using just plain soap and water can get your home spic and span without the use of harsh chemicals or ammonia. Try using soap and water to wash your counters, polish your stove top, or even get dirt and spills off or your tile floor. You will find that, quite often, using store bought cleaners may be going overboard a bit, and that a sponge and your trusty soap solution will suffice when it comes to green cleaning your home from top to bottom.

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