Keep It Clean: How Private Investigation Helped Catch A Company Involved In Waste Crime

A company who had previously received an official notice to clean up their property and present an approved waste disposal plan were believed to still be illegally dumping waste and causing damage to the natural habitat in the local area by a competitor. As instructed, the company had submitted a false plan from which they had strayed and continued to illegally deposit waste to an unknown location.

Despite their rival’s knowledge of the deceit and illegal activity, they cannot be convicted without evidence of their failure to comply with official standards and so a representative of the competitor contacted a private detective.

The Dangers of Dumping Waste and the Impact it Has

Waste crime is the deliberate breaking of the law by people who don’t manage, transport and dispose of waste correctly. Failing to deal with waste legally can:

– Cause serious damage to the environment, such as pollution of land and rivers.

– Pose a risk to human health, for example illegal burning produces toxic fumes.

– Create problems for local communities, from noise to declining property value.

– Be bad for business, as illegal operators undercut legitimate waste companies and can discredit your own.

Serious waste crime is often organised, large-scale and profitable. Priority waste crime types include large-scale illegal dumping, illegal waste sites and illegal exports of waste but there are other types of high risk activities such as illegal disposal of wastes where there is an imminent threat of significant flooding or pollution.

What Regulations Are There and What Are the Consequences of Failing to Meet These?

It is a crime to dump waste just anywhere. There are some simple rules that your company or business can follow to make sure that you work only within the law. These regulations include keeping waste secure so it doesn’t leak or blow away or, if you give your waste to someone else (like a waste contractor), it is your duty to make sure that you follow a series of regulations that have been put in place to protect your company and the environment from the dangers of waste crime. Failing to comply with such measures can lead to fines, prosecutions or being convicted of environment crime.

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The Investigation

The investigation for this case, once instigated by the company’s rivals, was seen to immediately by the private detectives at the request of the client. Using a copy of the company’s waste disposal plan and the correct procedure as guidance, a consultation took place between operatives and the client to establish where the company was going wrong and how this could be discovered and evidenced.

It was agreed that the most effective means of investigation would be to set up covert surveillance in the buildings of the establishment whilst running checks on the history of their past and using GPS tracking to monitor the vehicles which would deposit the waste.

With these three different methods of investigation in place the case was fully begun and it was not long before incriminating results were found. Using the footage gained from the surveillance session, evidence was found which depicted how many employees of the company were involved with the waste disposal or aware of it. The background checks that took place revealed more dubious information which suggested that the company had been fly tipping their waste for several years.

To conclude the findings, evidence was gained from the GPS tracking of the vehicles that informed detectives of the location that the waste was being illegally disposed of. Following the investigation, the appropriate authorities were informed and the company was prosecuted.

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