Lifestyle Makeover Tips to Help You Help the Earth

What does it mean to live freely? To many, freedom is the simple feeling of taking off a pair of boots after a long and busy day. Many might say that a truly free person can take the afternoon off to walk the dogs along the beach or eat ice cream on the boardwalk. Leaving a room after acing a final exam might be one of the most freeing sensations of all.

Nowadays, however, the idea of freedom takes on new connotations, as people become more conscious of their impact on the Earth. A more progressive and responsible sense of liberty comes from treading lightly on the planet and adapting to innovative technology.

Here are some lifestyle makeover tips to help you help the Earth.

Bedroom: When most people think of recycled materials, they think of disposable items like bottles, cups, paper and other things that we throw away. But there are many more things to consider when recycling. Take a look around your bedroom. Fabrics, furniture and clothing can all play important roles in taking care of the earth. Reusing and repurposing clothing is one great way to reduce waste, while giving your bedroom a vintage edge. Outdated clothing can be cut into fabric scraps and used for upholstery, linen and cleaning. Give your bedroom a fresh look by repurposing or giving away things that you do not use. Donate your old lamp and find a used one at a yard sale or vintage boutique. Instead of buying a new nightstand, strip the varnish and repaint it.

Bathroom: Since most households waste the highest percentage of water in their bathrooms, it is a great idea to install water-saving devices wherever possible. Now you can find can high-efficiency toilets with chic appearances that use a fraction of the water of a regular toilet. Check out environmentally sound suppliers that provide reliable hardware that is easy to install. Water-saving sink fixtures and low-flow showerheads can reduce water waste and help you save money on your monthly bills. In this way, you can be an environmental activist, just by taking a shower.

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Kitchen: If your home is like most, you have a window in or near your kitchen. The kitchen is a great place to take advantage of free and natural resources. Spend as much time as possible in the kitchen during daylight hours with the curtains or blinds open and let the natural sunshine light your day. Keep plants in this room, as they will thrive in the natural light and add a warm, fresh appearance to your home. Plants cleanse the air naturally without adding toxic chemicals to your atmosphere or using unnecessary electricity. Give your kitchen a bright, green look and let the sun shine in.

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