Overview About Shipping Container Architecture

This is a new form of the architecture using the shipping containers as the structural element in any building projects. They are used because of their strength, availability, and low cost. All of those shipping containers can be modified to create many different architectures. They are able to be stacked and connected to create efficient spaces for most people. Those containers can be used for several projects, such as condos, vacation homes, green sheds, offices, and also disaster relief shelters. There are many other possibilities of using the shipping containers as the main structure.

There are a lot of empty and unused shipping containers that are available around the world. They are just sitting on the shipping docks taking up a lot of spaces. Because of that reason, people should make an advantage by using this shipping container as their materials for their projects. There are many examples of any projects using shipping containers as the materials.

1. Container Architecture City in London

This is a flexible modular system that is build by many shipping containers in London. This system is a great example of this project. This city proves that it is possible to cut down the construction time and building costs significantly by using the container. However, all projects are created in order to have strong and lightweight framework. This container city is projected to be built with 80% of this building created from the recycled material.

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2. Ariel Sharon Park in Israel

This wonderful place is planned to become an amazing ecological retreat in the center of the populated urban area. One of the most important centerpieces in this area is called the ECOntainer Bridge. This is a 160 meter long bridge that is made from the repurposed shipping containers around the world. This project is also composed of the recycled waste. The architects, Yoav Messer Architects, turned all of those wasted containers to become a functional and beautiful space. This is a very attractive place to visit. There are a lot of observation points or exhibition spaces that can be visited by anyone.

3. Tony’s farm in Shanghai

Another shipping container project is located in Shanghai. This is located in the Tony’s Farm, Shanghai. This is the biggest organic farm in this city. The complex of the containers include several function rooms, such as welcome lobby, VIP area, some offices, and warehouse. All of those containers are beautifully arranged and stacked in order to create beautiful design at this farm. It is a very beautiful place that is created with several wasted containers in Shanghai. This project is specially designed to connect the food production process with all of their customers.

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