Pests Are The Thorn In The Side Of A Lovely Garden

Keep a garden for the Pests

Gardeners have so much to go through in order to keep their borders and green spaces in good nick. It really is a labour of love to keep a garden looking fantastic all year round because the season provide so many different issues.

For instance, a lot of gardeners will have just spent the winter worrying about how to get their gardens back up and running after an odd season that has included strangely mild spells followed by severely cold spells and snowfall.

The thing most gardeners need to remember is that it is still very early in the year and gardens tend to be pretty robust. They recover from the winter climate and do so in the wild without any input from those with green fingers.

However, trying to create a lovely garden means trying to manipulate nature, to an extent. It means trying to get nature to work in a more regimented way and the spring brings a host of new threats that have little to do with the climate and more to do with nature doing what it does naturally!

Gardens attract wildlife. That is all well and good. However, gardeners don’t put all forms of wildlife in the same class. Some little critters they love to see making use of the spaces they have landscaped – others they label pests and do their best to get rid of!

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There’s no harm in wanting to limit the damage that pests do to a garden. The fact is that they can actually limit the enjoyment you get from your garden and they can also cause problems that prevent other forms of wildlife from entering the space.

So what sort of pests do people experience problems with when the seasons change? Well, animals like foxes and rabbits can cause problems when they venture out after the colder months. Birds like magpies and pigeons can also become a major problem partly because they force out other birds and partly because of their droppings.

Then there are the insects. Ants and wasps can really prevent people from enjoying their gardens. They aren’t doing anything unnatural but they are certainly sapping some of the pleasure out of being out and enjoying the positive change in the weather. They tend to become a problem more in the summertime than at any other time.

Keen gardeners inevitably have to engage in a bit of pest control. Sometimes they do it themselves, but when pests really take a liking to your garden, don’t be afraid to get the professionals on the case.

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