The Advantages Of Green Water Filters

In a world which is now more environmentally aware than it has ever been, every business is trying to reduce its carbon emissions in an attempt to be seen as ‘green’. And by doing this the company isn’t only just helping the environment, they are also themselves in terms of improved feeling for the company and improved customer retention.

If a company is seen to be trying to do something to help the environment it is generally seen in a better light by consumers.
More than six million water filter cartridges are disposed of in landfill every year but to counter this astonishing fact, water filter companies are trying to reduce this waste by introducing green water filters.

How do water filters work?

The water filter business is staggeringly large with many companies across the globe producing a wide range of filters for both domestic and commercial use. And the main way these filters work is by allowing mains water to pass through filter cartridge which contains the filter medium before it is used by the consumer. But these filters can become blocked and less effective after years of use, hence they need to be replaced on a regular basis. It’s these ‘used’ cartridges then which end up in landfill and cause the aforementioned environmental problem.

Why do people use water filters?
Water companies across the UK use a number of different methods to make sure that their water is suitable for human consumption, however these methods often leave by-products in the water which make it less than appetising to taste. One of these products used in water treatment is chlorine. This kills bacteria but many people can detect its taste when drinking the water, hence the use of water filters to make the water taste better, whilst also removing any other particles which may be suspended in the water.

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What is the green alternative?
Green water filters encompass a reusable cartridge system which means that the only part of the cartridge which needs to be replaced on a regular basis is the filter material itself. This stops the plastic housing components being disposed of unnecessarily and can have a positive cost implication for the high-level user as the filer medium is generally a lot cheaper than buying the filter cartridge in its entirety.

Green water filters can be used in a variety of applications including domestic drinking taps, water coolers and in coffee machines.

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