3 New Uses for Decorative Tissue Paper

Wrapping gifts in colorful tissue paper is an excellent way to put a little added effort into a present and show that special person how much you care; but that’s not the only thing you can do with tissue paper. Roll up your sleeves and get ready for some artsy fun, because here we have three new ways that you can spice up even the simplest things with fancy tissue paper!

1. Make it Part of Your Baked Goods

No, you shouldn’t eat the tissue paper; but you can certainly use it to individually wrap desserts like brownies and cookies to pass out to your friends! (Wrap the dessert in plastic wrap first, to keep any oils contained.) Another suggestion? Instead of presenting a beautiful cake that you made to your friends and family in a regular metal dish or perhaps whatever you cooked it in, find an affordable tray/platter, cover it with layers of tissue paper, and place the cake on top of it! Maybe also lay down a layer of wax paper that’s the same size as the cake. For a little extra something, make special shapes and designs out of additional tissue paper to add little “garnishes” to your treat.

2. Wrap a Colorful Bouquet of Flowers in MORE Color!

So much of gift-giving is in the presentation. You can give a seemingly ordinary present to someone, but if you dress it up the right way and add a little flare, a boring gift can become brilliant. Dress up a bouquet of flowers with matching tissue paper. Not only can you wrap the flowers in the paper, but you can also get creative with the paper and use that to make your own additional flowers. Insert them into the bouquet to have it overflowing with vibrant colors!

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3. Incorporate Tissue Paper into Your Table Setting

When it comes to this, keep one thing in mind: layering! After setting your table with the tablecloth, napkins, etc., go for the tissue paper. Cut out pieces that are to be placed under your plates. The shape doesn’t matter; just make sure they’re bigger in size.

Use the same method for putting some paper on top of or underneath your napkins before setting the silverware. Don’t forget that the paper can also serve as “coasters,” too. You can add as many layers as you want, depending on the color patterns you’re working with and how much extra color you want to incorporate; but it’s that simple! Put your beautiful bouquet adorned with tissue paper in the center of that table with your tissue paper dessert right next to it, and you have a night fit for royalty.

With the help of tissue paper, jazzing up your life can be more entertaining, easy, and affordable than you ever knew. What other fun ideas can you come up with for how to use your tissue paper? The sky is the limit. Put on your thinking cap, start to imagine outside the box, and add a little color into your life!

Lisa Merritt writes for craft and decoration blogs. Retail Packaging Tissue Paper is great for all types of crafty ideas.

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