4 Natural Remedies To Reduce Your Obesity

Today obesity has become a common problem  for all age people’s.  Obesity not only creates a strain to your body but it also creates inferiority complex within yourself. There are number of ways suggested by doctors to solve obesity like taking fat lowering drugs, unnatural exercises through machines, surgery to remove fats etc. All these types of treatments result in unwanted side effects. There is also a number of natural remedies to lower your obesity. Some of them are : –

Meditation :

Meditating regularly for about 10 min every day not only lowers your stress , it also helps to lower your weight.  Mind controls your physical actions and meditation helps to keep your mind strong in taking decisions . There are many a times people try to avoid junk foods but they will not be able to control there physical action which will tend to take junk foods at any cost your health, if you are taking up a regular meditation you can calm down your mind and control it.


You may think that over consumption of food will result in obesity thus you try to starve and lower your obesity but this is not a good practice because starving makes your stomach filled up with gas and the obesity reduced will be again reformed. Making a good diet checklist is a better food practice. Having healthy recipe as per the consultation from a food consultant would be a the best practice.

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In yoga there are number of asana to reduce your obesity.  Yoga a physical exercise is now getting more popular for its huge number health benefits . This type of physical exercise can be practiced by all age peoples. When a person practices yoga based on the guidance of a yoga consultant  he can attain great  health benefits. Yoga poses like Paschimotannasana, Saral Hasta Bhujangasana, Sarwangasana, Halasana, Dhanurasana, Veerasana, Trikonasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana helps to reduce your calories to greater extent. The most famous asana like pranayama helps to have a controlled life style.

Medicinal herbs:

Recent laboratory researches has proven that there are number of natural herbs which helps control over weight. For example Panax Ginseng a Chinese medicinal herb is found highly effective for weight loss. The ginseng plant commonly used for preparation in scar removal creams . It is now currently observed that it has the anti-obesity properties which effectly controls the blood glucose levels and body weight.

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