5 Ways To Advance Your Photography Skills Today

Just as extraordinary artwork and gripping words communicate powerful messages, photographs can also have the same effect. There is a clear difference between bland photographs and those that create a lasting impression.

But most people struggle to take their skills to the next level. To really capture photographs that add a mesmerizing effect unlike anything else. We almost can’t help but to look in awe and admiration at those photographers who are able to effortlessly do so. What most do not realize is that these professionals have dedicated nearly every waking hour to hone their craft. It’s their passion. And it’s what makes them excited every morning.

This doesn’t mean that their level of knowledge is unattainable. You don’t even need to have spent your entire life taking photographs to match their skills. With a bit of practice and the right resources you can completely transform your technique for the better.

The following are five ways you can advance your photography skills beginning today.

Post your photographs online

Sharing your work takes guts and it’s also one of the best ways to receive feedback. Some of the comments will be genuinely useful. Others will be so brutal it may make you doubt your abilities.

But this type of evaluation is invaluable. Committing to sharing some of your best work also keeps you accountable. And if you do this every day, it’s practically impossible to not see improvements in your skills.

 Mimic ideas on photo sharing platforms

Flickr and Pinterest are two of the most popular platforms for viewing and sharing photographs. You can even use the search functions to narrow your search based on specific keywords. Browsing through these networks is a great way to come up with your own photography ideas.

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It can be easy to be intimidated but it should instead be seen as inspiration for what is possible. Replicating photographs while adding in your own personality is extremely effective to experiment with new ideas.

Upgrade your hardware

If your smartphone is your only camera, don’t expect Instagram to magically catapult your technique. Even a point-and-shoot is highly inadequate for taking the kind of photographs that captivate.

Professionals use DSLRs for a reason. The images they capture are stunningly crisp and have more available options than even your average digital camera.

Subscribe to a photography magazine

There is only so much you can learn on your own. Learning from the experts will teach you more about advanced techniques and unconventional editing approaches. You’d be hard pressed to find anything else like this without subscribing to a photography magazine.

But this also means putting into practice what you learn. It’s easy to want to absorb as much information as possible but doing so will impede your potential.

Always strive for improvement

The more you work on your craft the better you will get. The key is to always focus on improving your skills as a photographer and implementing new ideas as you come across them. Comparing yourself to others can be discouraging but always remember that professional photographers had to start from the basics too.

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