8 Wedding Flower Mistakes That Should Be Avoid

A wedding ceremony is all about cheerfulness and flowers help to add to the beauty and liveliness of the occasion. However, different people have different tastes and ideas but the most important thing is to get everything right and give elegance to the occasion. It will be important to watch out on some serious mistakes that many people commit as only by doing so will you be able to keep things looking good for less. Below are some of the commonest mistakes to avoid:

Not Considering The Big Picture

For many couples, the entire reception room is never the focus when arranging the wedding flowers. However, it is important to cast your eyes beyond the table setting and the centerpieces, as this is the only way you will be able to color up everything. If you are having a wedding garden, do not use flowers that will obstruct the gorgeous scenes surrounding the venue.

Lack Of Confidence In The Florist

Although it is your wedding, it is always important to trust the judgment of your florist. Communicate your likes and dislikes, vision, expectations but allow your florist to work things out for you. Once you decide to enroll the services of a florist, just communicate your desire, be flexible and relax to enjoy the outcome. However, it will be important for you to work closely with them to ensure that everything is going well.

Lack Of Cooperation

When planning your wedding and especially flower choice and arrangements, flexibility is very important. Although you have your preference, give some room for alterations as far as color schemes, feel and overall look is concerned. Do not give your florist a hard time, as this will affect you as well.

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Late Communication With Your Florist

Wedding flowers are as important as everything else and therefore you should give them priority. It will be important to communicate your desire early enough to allow him/her to outsource for the flowers and come up with the right budget. This will also allow you to work things without pressure.

Picking A Single Color

The choice of colors is very important. However, avoid the choice of one color even if you want to match the flowers with your bridesmaids’ dresses. Choosing one color could make the occasion dull and disappointing. This can however be avoided by mixing different hues as long as they go with with each other.

Failure To Allocate Flower Budget

As aforementioned, wedding flowers are very important features for the occasion. For this reason therefore, it will be important for you to set aside a substantial budget to cater for the flowers. Do not fall into the temptation of working on everything else while leaving the flowers unattended to.

Not Arranging The Flowers On Time

Last minute rush could prove costly for you and thus should be avoided. It is important to choose your florist on time and if you are doing the decoration for yourself, always arrange your flowers on a timely manner. Avoid delays at all cost.

Selecting An Oversize Bouquet

When it comes to the wedding bouquet, bigger is not necessarily the best. During the wedding, the bride is the center of attraction and coming up with an oversized bouquet will only steal the show from the real attraction and that is the wedding gown.

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