A Beautiful White Smile is Within Your Reach

An article looking at how you can do something about problem teeth and get back that beautiful smile again.

Your smile can really make your face and if you avoid smiling because you are unhappy with your teeth, why not do something about it?

All kinds of problems can be rectified with cosmetic dentistry, with the most popular procedures involving whitening and straightening. A beautiful smile with straight white teeth is well within your grasp. It is now widely available and surprisingly affordable.

Dental Health

Looking after your teeth is very important. Regular trips to the dentist can ensure that problems are caught and dealt with. You dentist can advise you on dental hygiene and help you keep your teeth in tiptop condition. Whether you choose a large practice or a smaller practice, you need to visit regularly and most dentists recommend every six months. However, even if you have neglected your teeth in the past, it is never too late. Visit your dentist and they will be pleased to see you and will be able to take any remedial action required.


However, you don’t need to have neglected your teeth for there to be problems. There are all sorts of things that will discolour your teeth and sometimes, completely unavoidable factors such as jaw size can cause otherwise perfectly healthy teeth to be wonky. Teeth that aren’t perfectly aligned can be fixed with braces and this should have been picked up by your dentist when you were younger. If this wasn’t the case, however, it isn’t too late to sort it out.

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Sorting things out

Smaller practices may refer you to larger practices to get this corrected. Alignment with braces may still be possible; don’t worry though, as these now come in white and can be practically invisible. If this is not suitable, you may be able to have veneers fitted to the front of your teeth to give the appearance of a naturally straight smile. There are different types of veneer and your cosmetic dentist will let you know which is the most suitable.

Your diet and lifestyle as well as some medications can cause your teeth to become discoloured. Red wine, tea and coffee, smoking etc. can all cause extrinsic staining (staining on the outside of the teeth). This is easily treated and you can have a white smile back quickly and safely. Intrinsic staining, or staining that originates on the inside of the teeth, may require more thorough investigation and may or may not be treatable. Speak to your dentist for advice.

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